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Cant Roll Dices Plus Fixed Values

leandrorocha · 25. Jan 2018 06:29 by t6mha250118 · 2


I am trying to send a request to the api trying to roll a dice plus a fixed value like 1d6+2, however seems that or I am sending the request wrong or the api is not understanding correcly when I send the resquest, since the api ignore the plus (+2) symbol and join both numbers. In the case above roll 1d6+2 is interpreted as roll 1d62.

Here is the request that I send to the API:

And here is the API answer:

1 · by sKeith · 06. Dec 2017 16:20 · changed: 06. Dec 2017 16:22

replace + with %2b

replace - with %2d

Find full replacements here

1 · by t6mha250118 · 25. Jan 2018 06:29
  1. 1d