Technaton · 14. Apr 2017 13:49 · 0

Two years ago, we sat in the local pub and spontaneously decided to start an RPG session. We had nothing except for some slips of paper, a pen, and a six-sided die. So I came up with a very simple RPG rule system to get the story going and the rules ‘out of the way.’ We played the story for over a year and stuck to my improvised rule system, refining it while playing.

Recently, I sat down and ordered all the notes and scribbles that made up the system, wrote everything down neatly, and christened the rule system SpartanS — The Spartantic RPG Rule System.

I pulbished it on the Dungeon Gazette:

I hope somebody else finds it useful. I am happy for every bit of feedback, either here in the forum our via e-mail. I will start creating a campaign using the system and will publish that one, too.

Have a lot of fun!