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Google Drive Picture Support

bulmabriefs144 · 20. Feb 2017 19:05 · 0

I want to be able to upload pictures into Google Drive and have it work here. It says something about trying to recognize links as images.

"images: if you paste the URL of an image, Rolz will attempt to recognize it and display the image instead of just the text link"

If I post just:

it creates a link, which if I click on shows up as a grid (which I drew squiggly lines to test). Same for if I do

Both of these with proper support, could function as URL images.

Why don't I use imgur or something to upload images, you ask? Well, it has to do with the fact that Google Drive tries to overwrite duplicate file names as the same address. Because of this, with proper support, images I make (say a map) always displays under the same URL, and I can update simply by updating the upload at my end, versus deleting, uploading, changing the address each time (seems to be the pattern of other image sites).

Could you add some sort of support for looking at such files and trying to display them?