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Closing the Legacy Dice Rooms

udo · 17. Feb 2017 19:29 by superwolfgaming · 5

Hey guys, after quite a few years of supporting them, the legacy dice rooms have reached their end of life. It's just a fact that almost all of the problems with the site tend to originate from there, and I can't support that anymore. Also, there's a botnet currently using the legacy dice rooms to probe for weaknesses, that was pretty much the last straw.

After posting that notice in the legacy dice rooms, someone PM'ed me to say they would just abandon Rolz and go to Discord. There's not much I can do about that, but I do wonder when the most-cited reason for still using the legacy rooms is "my browser can't do Websockets", people go off in a huff to join a chat site built on Websockets. And let's be honest, not having Websockets means you're using IE 6 or something like that. Yeah. I fail at marketing, I guess.

Meanwhile the normal Dice Rooms have been picking up in traffic slightly during the last weeks. All in all Rolz is still a very, very low-traffic site and I don't think that will ever change. But people are using it, and after the exodus to Roll20 that happened last year, it's nice to see new people coming in :)

1 · by Billy · 25. Jan 2017 16:22

my rooms are not legacy, yet they have disappeared from the dice rooms list, plus i'm getting some-one else room notes...

1 · by Billy · 25. Jan 2017 16:28

okay have re-added my room to the list and this has brought back the notes for that room, still getting some-one elses campaign notes though

1 · by udo · 25. Jan 2017 17:57

This has nothing to do with closing the legacy rooms. I think it's because of the server crash yesterday. Being able to see someone else's campaign notes is pretty bad. I have cleared out all the room associations made over the last few days (sorry for the inconvenience everybody) since they have apparently been corrupted. Billy, if you're still seeing other people's stuff, please let me know!

1 · by Billy · 25. Jan 2017 18:10

The other notes have now gone, i'll try adding my other rooms back in, only one of them showing up, hopefully they won't disappear again, thanks udo, you do a good job

1 · by superwolfgaming · 17. Feb 2017 19:29

How do i make a dice room?????

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