D&D 5e

NoHoldsBard · Feb 02nd 06:19 by Caboose · 9

I'm new to online Tabletop games and would like to find a group to play a little D&D with

1 · by ajjenkins1204 · Jan 08th 04:23

I would like to start a campaign with you! :)

1 · by LiberumFinis · Jan 08th 08:16

Hello NoHoldsBard. I'm a fairly skilled D&D 5E Rper. If your looking to start a campaing I'd love to join and help you along the way in an Rp! :)

1 · by BrashIdjit · Jan 26th 18:18

I'd like to play as well, though I don't have constant internet access.

1 · by Grommash · Jan 27th 03:32

I`m interested on participate

1 · by Ekin · Jan 27th 16:34

I would like to join the game as well.

1 · by Thork · Jan 30th 21:33

Can I join

1 · by thogui · Jan 31st 13:22

hello I'am an old player and really interested to try a new to play. I play D&D 5° every friday IRL.

1 · by CraneLordNeon · Feb 01st 22:55

i'm interested

1 · by Caboose · Feb 02nd 06:19

Id like to join if there is room, complete noob here but i want to learn and have fun. I'm usually available later in the day. If there isnt room thats completly fine tho.

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