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Top Three of the Weirdest User Behaviors on Rolz

udo · 02. Sep 2015 16:11 by yellowthroat · 15

On Rolz I employ some basic heuristics designed to alert or inform me about what's going on in dice rooms. For example, I have alerts set up that allow me to prevent people from using the public lobby for sex chats, which for some weird reason is an actual issue in the legacy rooms. There are some other mechanisms like spam and bot detection. It's courtesy of these tools plus personal interactions that I present the top three weirdest user behaviors on Rolz, none of which I could ever get any explanation for. Maybe someone has theories, leave a comment below!

Weirdness #3: 'I didn't know what the /summon command did!'

About 50% of all uses of /summon are erroneous. In some cases, people flee the room when I actually stop by to help, in others they are merely bewildered. The sentence I hear more than anything else from users on Rolz is "sorry I had no idea what /summon does". This is weird, because the help text for /summon reads, literally:

/summon - summon the site admin if you have questions or need help (only works when I'm awake and at the computer)

Weirdness #2: 'DAFUQ?!?'

A lot of people end up in the dice rooms for the first time, in a state that I would describe as aggressive bewilderment. They usually talk in all caps and throw out a stream of expletives suggestive of the fact that they have no idea what to do next, and literally every line they send to the chat server seems to aggravate them more. I'm sure some of them don't even know what this site is for or what a roleplaying game is. But what concerns me more are those who sit in a dice room they just created and can't figure out how to roll dice or do anything really.

I do blame myself for this, and I tried addressing this type of confusion by structuring the help tab differently. It helps that we have a video tutorial and a section titled "how to roll", but as far as I can tell it only cut down these instances by about 50%.

Weirdness #1: Endless, Mindless Rolling

Every day there are people on Rolz who do nothing, nothing but enter the same dice command over and over again, at a rate of 1-10 times per second. In about half of cases, there are two or more people in the room doing exactly that. What worries me is they clearly do it by hand, and they do it for hours on end. Just the same dice code, posted to a room, at a frequency that precludes any human making use of the results. They usually switch what they're rolling to some other dice code after a few minutes, but after that it's just monotonous posting again. Sometimes, they're not even using dice codes, they are invoking the character generator ten times a second, or they just post expletive-laden lines of text which usually revolve around male genitalia in some way.

What makes this so weird is the shockingly mind-numbing nature of it. Imagine two people sitting a the computer and hitting the same 3 keys for hours, as quickly as they can. They're not bots though, and I do occasionally pop in to those rooms to find that out. That's when they suddenly fall utterly silent. When I ask if they're bots or if they're having any kind of problem, usually one of them musters up the courage to answer along the lines of "no, sorry, we were just playing". Then after I drop out, they continue the same behavior for a few more hours.

Auxiliary Weirdness: people shit-flooding dice rooms with meaningless posts are wasting countless megabytes in the Rolz database. There is a trigger that causes the logs of these rooms to get disabled automatically. Users can still post, there is just no archive log of it. What's weird is that ever since I started the wiki feature, I did get inquiries from people worrying that they're taking up too much space with their wikis. These wiki users worry about taking up a few kilobytes of storage. Compare that to shit-flooders who have no problem posting megabytes upon megabytes of text for hours containing nothing but the word "penis".

2 · by Zooboss · 16. Jun 2015 03:43

And here I thought the weirdness would concern people chatting about random topics in a dice room for a Quest (interactive story thing) from a different forum.

But yeah. Weirdnesses 1 and 2 are inexplicable to me. And somewhat worrisome. At least with 3 people have the excuse of not actually reading help text. Which does bring up how they figured out that /summon is a valid command.

1 · by udo · 16. Jun 2015 04:17 · changed: 16. Jun 2015 04:18

I thought the weirdness would concern people chatting about random topics

That probably happens a lot, too, but since I usually don't monitor the content of normal rooms, I wouldn't notice ;)

Which does bring up how they figured out that /summon is a valid command.

I know, right? There is no way to the summon command which doesn't involve reading about it in the help text. Just a few minutes ago, in fact, someone proclaimed they "pressed the wrong button"! It's a puzzler...

Weirdnesses 1 and 2 are inexplicable to me. And somewhat worrisome.

Well, at least #2 could be people incapable of finding the help text on the right hand side, but #3, man, I don't know..! :S

2 · by Lilac · 16. Jun 2015 08:19

I have no Idea, but I now have to go explain to the people at the other end of the house why I'm laughing so loudly. Thanks for sharing.

but yeah 1 makes no sense to me at all... I mean yeah the first thing I did when I found the rooms was randomly roll dice for no reason... but not for that long, that's kind of just wow.

2 · by Sidhenlae · 16. Jun 2015 14:34 · changed: 16. Jun 2015 14:35

Well 3 is classical human stupidity. For some reason a lot of people consider them above reading instructions or checking the help feature, that's just regular human behaviour sadly. There's also that part where most of us can't resist pressing that red button out of sheer curiosity.

2. I'm now really curious how that took place in the old rolz room where you had to put /before your message.

1. Uh, I'm going to guess some of them might be suffering from something on the autism spectrum, and the penis spammers could just be young kids with nothing to do; people can get up to some of the weirdest shit when bored. Just check Russia.

3 · by Akimotos · 19. Jun 2015 19:14

Hahahaha people... they get me every time.

1 · by Ech · 22. Jun 2015 15:13
  1. 3 is something I have observed in similar situations.
  2. 2 So is this one although that is the one that always puzzles my mind.
  3. 1 is weird. I'd say someone testing their botnets but you said that many seem to be clearly made by humans.
1 · by BradT · 07. Jul 2015 20:36

Well as far as #2 goes I was testing the site on my android phone to see if it would work and noticed that the help doesn't show up on the right like it does on a computer. It also doesn't show below like the items from the main page.

1 · by Zooboss · 08. Jul 2015 15:04

The help is there. Try 'scrolling' to the right. The help should appear there

1 · by BradT · 08. Jul 2015 15:12

So it does appear to be there if I scroll, but my screen doesn't really appear to be big enough to actually be able to display all the text there.

1 · by udo · 18. Jul 2015 10:48

@BradT: yeah, it's not ideal on mobile right now, I'll work on it.

2 · by Raisin · 09. Aug 2015 00:06

This made my night.

I'm sorry for what you have to put up with, but seriously, it's hilarious.

1 · by SilverBen · 16. Aug 2015 04:00

These are growing pains. Hopefully, by the time this site is so popular that its the number one resource for online RPGs, you'll have a book of memiors worth of stories to tell. Regardless, I had not been back to the site in a while and I think these are amazing features. Congratulations, and keep it going.

1 · by TellerianHawke · 25. Aug 2015 20:42

I wonder if the spammers aren't just kids trying to see if they can crash the site?

1 · by udo · 25. Aug 2015 20:57

I wonder if the spammers aren't just kids trying to see if they can crash the site?

Sometimes probably, yes. But those usually look like this: <script>l333thax0r('lol')</script>

1 · by yellowthroat · 02. Sep 2015 16:11 · changed: 04. Sep 2015 01:24

That is really quite weird 😖

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