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Looking for 1-3 players to join a long running Star Wars campaign. Only looking for people who are well versed in star wars canon/lore (all seven movies at least) and have a specific passion for star wars. You don't have to be a loremaster, but a working knowledge is necessary. We play using a fully original d20 system that breaks a character down into three sections essentially: skills, abilities, and equipment. Practically all species are available to players. The New Jedi Order is different in many, many ways from the Jedi Order of Yoda and Obi-wan. The True Sith Order has undergone changes as well, primarily that of the Rule of Two. The force has "come alive" across the galaxy; force sensitive births have tripled across all species. The major factions in the Galaxy are The New Republic, The New Jedi Order, The Nox Imperium, The Coalition of Planetstates, The Imperial Remnant, and the Hutt Cartel, and of course secretely The True Sith. There are dozens of other less major organizations that influence the happenings of the galaxy, but the above are the most powerful socially, economically, and militarily.

[4ABY] Battle of Endor. Death of the Emporer and Vader. Luke Skywalker never seen again, assumed dead. New Republic established in the following months.

[5ABY] Battle of Jakku, Defeated Empire signs the Galactic Concordance, End of the Galactic Civil War.

[8ABY] Tensions between The Hutts and The New Republic increase. Republic Military General Tyben, the only known surviving member of the Old Jedi Order, begins organizing searches for force sensitive people in the republic.

[10ABY] General Tyben breaks the Old Jedi Order code and takes Valar Kryn and Kai Shin-Ji, as his padawans. Tyben and his padawans attempt to clean out the Senate and Congress of corruption and Imperial influences, and in the process expose a shady senator as a darkside user. Tyben sends his two padawans to investigate, and they engage the Senator in light saber combat, forcing him to reveal his training in the dark side of the force.

[10ABY](cont.) The padawans defeat and kill the senator, but one of his aides manages to sneak off the planet, raising suspicions. Tyben sends Valar and Kai, newly anointed Jedi Knights, to track down the senator's aide. Their search leads them to a radiation cloud in the outer rim. After much investigation, a secret system of planets is uncovered inside the radiation cloud, serving as the base for a darkside cult called The Alkasavr Sith. The Alkasavr launch an offensive against the New Republic.

[11ABY-14ABY] The Alkasavr-Republic War.

[14ABY] The Battle of Calgien Gate. New Republic begins it's invasion of the Alkasavr Secret System in the Radiation Cloud.

On ABY 15, the last significant battle of the war occurs on the Alkasavr home planet, Rellukah. After two months of fighting, the Alkasavr are utterly destroyed, and their planets razed.

[15ABY-17ABY] General Tyben resigns from the Republic Military and founds the New Jedi Order, using the old code as a template. He offers Valar Kryn and Jhan-Kanshryu (an ithorian) positions on the New Council. Tyben, Jhan, and Valar train together for a year, then take a class of thirty force sensitives to be the first students of The New Jedi Order. Kai retains his position as commander of Void Squadron, and spends these years hunting Alkasavr remnants and combating increasing Cartel and underworld aggressionism.

[18ABY](current date) Master Consular Valar Kryn takes a student, Anje Zanzra, to be his padawan. Void Squadron Commander Kai Shin-Ji heads to the far lower outer rim to investigate rumors of Sith activity, discovers another hidden system. After uncovering underworld ties leading back to the republic, Valar Kryn is ambushed by two darkside users commanding mercenaries. After engaging, the darkside users are cut down, although one of the mercenaries does manage to escape. Valar Kryn leaves the system, following the mercenary's trail to the bleak planet Hypori.

[19ABY] Current Roleplay Time

There are currently two theatres to this campaign: Rebirth of Order (the republic and jedi, mainly) and Shadows Reaching (the sith, criminal underworld, and various others). I need players who are willing (and wanting) to work within these two theatres. Essentially, there won't be any characters who don't take part in the greater happenings of the galaxy. I need heroes or villians, not unalligned schmucks. That being said, there are several grey force user classes, but there will still come a time when your character will have to make a choice.

Anyway, if your interested, say so below and Ill get on in a couple of days.

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I am so versed in Star Wars, I know when the seventh isn't one. 160 plus details stolen from 4,5, and 6. An orange Yoda, female luke skywalker, young Tarkin, death star plans, and an appalling hatred of the Prequels, or forgetfulness and lack of caring, the only things holding a youtube parody any Star Wars fan would like for jokes and remeniscent together as a so-called legitimate sequel. Captain Phantasm has a cape on the right shoulder, follows Vader around and does little, faces off with Han and ends up in a pit with a tentacled monster, and will come back like in the books.

Question...If you believe in and love The 7th movie, then would you watch, believe in, and love it's remake? And if it was remade, would it not look like episodes 4, 5, and 6?

This is to say...Achuta! Note, the E would make it an expletive. This means Hello!

I would love to do a Star Wars RPG, am a fiction writer, a storyteller unbound by medium, genre, plot concepts, stereotyping story as tropes, and am only in service to the authentic quality of the second reality of the story. But I cannot do a Post-Endor Campaign with Episode 7 involved. A few weeks before it's release, I shook my head on page 64 of the Courtship of Princess Leia, for kissing someone other than Han after being the first and last to say I Love You. Breaking them up was J.J.Abrams classic soap opera reset twist to make things feel fresh or different while altering the original intentions and vision for the story.

But I am coming to the end of blasting all of this to introduce myself and let you know that if you guys end up starting another game, I might be able to join if my schedule allows. So remember the name of HuttDragon! Ho! Ho! Ho! Is he a Hutt, or is he an Angkor War Dragon? (Note, my Basiliskan an character would never allow a Mandalorian to ride on me)