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Looking for 1-3 players to join a long running Star Wars campaign. Only looking for people who are well versed in star wars canon/lore (all seven movies at least) and have a specific passion for star wars. You don't have to be a loremaster, but a working knowledge is necessary. We play using a fully original d20 system that breaks a character down into three sections essentially: skills, abilities, and equipment. Practically all species are available to players. The New Jedi Order is different in many, many ways from the Jedi Order of Yoda and Obi-wan. The True Sith Order has undergone changes as well, primarily that of the Rule of Two. The force has surged across the galaxy; force sensitive births have tripled across all species. The major factions in the Galaxy are The New Republic, The New Jedi Order, The Nox Imperium, The Coalition of Planetstates, The Imperial Remnant, and the Hutt Cartel, and of course secretely The True Sith. There are dozens of other less major organizations that influence the happenings of the galaxy, but the above are the most powerful socially, economically, and militarily.

[4ABY] Battle of Endor. Death of the Emporer and Vader. Luke Skywalker never seen again, assumed dead. New Republic established in the following months.

[5ABY] Battle of Jakku, Defeated Empire signs the Galactic Concordance, End of the Galactic Civil War.

[8ABY] Tensions between The Hutts and The New Republic increase. Republic Military General Tyben, the only known surviving member of the Old Jedi Order, begins organizing searches for force sensitive people in the republic.

[10ABY] General Tyben breaks the Old Jedi Order code and takes Valar Kryn and Kai Shin-Ji, as his padawans. Tyben and his padawans attempt to clean out the Senate and Congress of corruption and Imperial influences, and in the process expose a shady senator as a darkside user. Tyben sends his two padawans to investigate, and they engage the Senator in light saber combat, forcing him to reveal his training in the dark side of the force.

[10ABY](cont.) The padawans defeat and kill the senator, but one of his aides manages to sneak off the planet, raising suspicions. Tyben sends Valar and Kai, newly anointed Jedi Knights, to track down the senator's aide. Their search leads them to a radiation cloud in the outer rim. After much investigation, a secret system of planets is uncovered inside the radiation cloud, serving as the base for a darkside cult called The Alkasavr Sith. The Alkasavr launch an offensive against the New Republic.

[11ABY-14ABY] The Alkasavr-Republic War.

[14ABY] The Battle of Calgien Gate. New Republic begins it's invasion of the Alkasavr Secret System in the Radiation Cloud.

On ABY 15, the last significant battle of the war occurs on the Alkasavr home planet, Rellukah. After two months of fighting, the Alkasavr are utterly destroyed, and their planets razed.

[15ABY-17ABY] General Tyben resigns from the Republic Military and founds the New Jedi Order, using the old code as a template. He offers Valar Kryn and Jhan-Kanshryu (an ithorian) positions on the New Council. Tyben, Jhan, and Valar train together for a year, then take a class of thirty force sensitives to be the first students of The New Jedi Order. Kai retains his position as commander of Void Squadron, and spends these years hunting Alkasavr remnants and combating increasing Cartel and underworld aggressionism.

[18ABY](current date) Master Consular Valar Kryn takes a student, Anje Zanzra, to be his padawan. Void Squadron Commander Kai Shin-Ji heads to the far lower outer rim to investigate rumors of Sith activity, discovers another hidden system. After uncovering underworld ties leading back to the republic, Valar Kryn is ambushed by two darkside users commanding mercenaries. After engaging, the darkside users are cut down, although one of the mercenaries does manage to escape. Valar Kryn leaves the system, following the mercenary's trail to the bleak planet Hypori.

[19ABY] Current Roleplay Time

There are currently two theatres to this campaign: Rebirth of Order (the republic and jedi, mainly) and Shadows Reaching (the sith, criminal underworld, and various others). I need players who are willing (and wanting) to work within these two theatres. Essentially, there won't be any characters who don't take part in the greater happenings of the galaxy. I need heroes or villians, not unalligned, disinterested characters. That being said, there are several grey force user classes, but there will still come a time when your character will have to make a choice. As well, there are many non force classes, but you will still be apart of the clash of good and evil.

Anyway, if your interested, say so below and Ill get on in a couple of days.

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I am so versed in Star Wars, I know when the seventh isn't one. 160 plus details stolen from 4,5, and 6. An orange Yoda, female luke skywalker, young Tarkin, death star plans, and an appalling hatred of the Prequels, or forgetfulness and lack of caring, the only things holding a youtube parody any Star Wars fan would like for jokes and remeniscent together as a so-called legitimate sequel. Captain Phantasm has a cape on the right shoulder, follows Vader around and does little, faces off with Han and ends up in a pit with a tentacled monster, and will come back like in the books.

Question...If you believe in and love The 7th movie, then would you watch, believe in, and love it's remake? And if it was remade, would it not look like episodes 4, 5, and 6?

This is to say...Achuta! Note, the E would make it an expletive. This means Hello!

I would love to do a Star Wars RPG, am a fiction writer, a storyteller unbound by medium, genre, plot concepts, stereotyping story as tropes, and am only in service to the authentic quality of the second reality of the story. But I cannot do a Post-Endor Campaign with Episode 7 involved. A few weeks before it's release, I shook my head on page 64 of the Courtship of Princess Leia, for kissing someone other than Han after being the first and last to say I Love You. Breaking them up was J.J.Abrams classic soap opera reset twist to make things feel fresh or different while altering the original intentions and vision for the story.

But I am coming to the end of blasting all of this to introduce myself and let you know that if you guys end up starting another game, I might be able to join if my schedule allows. So remember the name of HuttDragon! Ho! Ho! Ho! Is he a Hutt, or is he an Angkor War Dragon? (Note, my Basiliskan an character would never allow a Mandalorian to ride on me)

1 · by AbherrantForm · 01. Feb 2017 07:44

Firstly, so very sorry for not checking this sooner. Work and sleep and work and sleep and so on and so on and on lol. HuttDragon, you are a-speakin-meh lingo, I hope you pick this page back up, since I can't figure out how to message you.

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And I share your attitude towards TFA. We've spent lots of time breaking down just how much it stunk worse than steamy bantha shit broiling in the merciless suns of Tatooine. No worries, this RP is not bound by TFA whatsoever. Pray tell me more of your Basiliskan character, and also which theatre you are interested in.

1 · by CraneLordNeon · 01. Feb 2017 22:53

I'd be interested

1 · by AbherrantForm · 02. Feb 2017 01:25

@CraneLordNeon Hello, how familiar r u with SW and what sort of character do u have in mind? As well, which theatre are you interested in?

1 · by CraneLordNeon · 02. Feb 2017 02:40

I am quite familiar with the canon lore, I don't dabble too much into EU however I do know some branches of the EU that could help. I enjoy Roleplays that take place way after Episode seven or in the KotOR to prevent any heavy restrictions on me as a player and the DM as a whole.

I would prefer for a darker side character to be a non-force user sentinel or sith, for the lighter side a Jawa-Jedi or something similar to a clone or knight.

1 · by AbherrantForm · 02. Feb 2017 06:23

Thats just fine regarding the EU, the fact that you are aware of it is well enough. We mostly build new lore and stories, and try to stay in sync with the EU, though there are many things that are different from even the EU canon. And I understand enjoying rps taking place way after E7 or in the OR, but this one definately takes place in the era immediatley following the fall of the Empire, fyi. I as the DM have never felt restricted, since we adjust the canon to suit our game (though like I said, we try to respect the EU). Nor have the players ever expressed any concern regarding that either. I can definately understand your feelings there though.

Ill get some links to character creation and other setting info later, gotta go atm.

1 · by CraneLordNeon · 02. Feb 2017 15:43

I'll wait until you post that info, join up as soon as I see it :p

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[Character Creation Data for Star Wars: Echoes of Darkness]

In terms of roleplaying, your class choice determines the general style of character you are playing. Class is an expression of how your character fits into the world, what role they play so to speak. In terms of game mechanics, your class choice determines your starting skills and abilities as well as how many skill and ability points (sp and ap henceforth) you earn each time you level up.

Multiclassing is allowed, but it must (1) be justified in-game by both character actions and attitude (2) make sense (3) be made only in increments of 5, that is to say, you must complete 5 levels in your starting class before you can take another class, then you must take 5 levels in THAT class before you can take a third class. A single character may only have up to three classes. There are no specific penalties to multiclassing.


Guardian -Starting skills 9, Starting abilities 4, Balanced progression overall with bonuses to combat and leadership.

Consular -Starting skills 7, Starting abilities 5, Force focused progression overall with bonuses to diplomacy and discipline.

Sage -Starting skills 5, Starting abilities 6, Force focused progression with bonuses to knowledge and discipline.

Sentinel -Starting skills 12, Starting abilities 2, Skill focused progression with bonuses to knowledge and combat.

Phantom -Starting skills 14, Starting abilities 0, Skill focused progression with bonuses to diplomacy and utility.


Martialist -Starting skills 10, Starting abilities 3, Skill focused progression with bonuses to combat and discipline.

Justiciar -Starting skills 9, Starting abilities 4, Balanced progression overall with bonuses to combat and diplomacy.

Adept -Starting skills 4, Starting abilities 8, Force focused progression with bonuses to knowledge and discipline.

Seeker -Starting skills 10, Starting abilities 3, Skill focused progression with bonuses to knowledge and utility.

Operative -Starting skills 14, Starting abilities 0, Skill focused progression with bonuses to diplomacy and utility.


Warrior - Starting skills 9, Starting abilities 4, Balanced progression overall with bonuses to combat and leadership.

Marauder - Starting skills 12, Starting abilities 2, Skill focused progression with bonuses to combat and discipline.

Inquisitor -Starting skills 7, Starting abilities 5, Force focused progression with bonuses to diplomacy and knowledge.

Sorcerer - Starting skills 5, Starting abilities 6, Force focused progression with bonuses to knowledge and discipline.

Assassin - Starting skills 14, Starting abilities 0, Skill focused progression with bonuses to utility and combat.


Assault Trooper -Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, leadership and discipline.

Special Ops -Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, utility and diplomacy.

Commando -Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, utility and leadership.

Myrmidon -Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, discipline and leadership.

Rifleman - Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, utility and discipline.

Wartech - Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, knowledge and utility.


Assailant - Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, leadership and discipline.

Infiltrator - Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, utility and diplomacy.

Reaver - Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, utility and leadership.

Ravager - Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, discipline and leadership.

Marksman - Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, utility and discipline.

Specialist - Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, knowledge and utility.


Spacer - Starting skills 14 with bonuses to diplomacy, utility, and knowledge. Free vehicle skill.

Mercenary - Starting skills 16 with bonuses to combat, leadership, and discipline. Free weapon skill.

Scientist - Starting skills 18 with bonuses to knowledge and utility. Free knowledge skill.

Engineer - Starting skills 18 with bonuses to knowledge and leadership. Free knowledge skill.

Spy - Starting skills 16 with bonuses to utility, knowledge, and diplomacy.

Pilot - Starting skills 12 with bonuses to vehicle, utility, and knowledge. Three free vehicle skills.

Each rank in a skill provides a +2 bonus to rolls pertaining to that skill. EX: A lightsaber rank of 5 would mean that a character receives a +10 for rolls using a lightsaber. Every 5 ranks in a skill, the cost of raising the skill increases by 1. Attribute skills aren't generally used in active ways; they instead provide bonuses to other skills. For instance, Intellect provides +1/2 rank (rounded up) to skill like insight and computers. So an Intellect of rank 5 would grant a +3 to all those skills (on top of the skills' normal bonus). As well, ranks 4,9,14,19, 24 and 29 in any skill grants a perk that pertains to that skill. Perks can take various forms, from unique powers and abilities to roleplaying advantages or special equipment. EX: Reaching unarmed rank 6 could grant a unique ability like Quivering Palm, or maybe the ability to damage droids with unarmed strikes. There is no standard system to Perks; they are meant to be unique and custom to each character. The player and DM both decide what perks are gained. Below are all skills with a little information regarding each one. this system is lightly framed on purpose; we try to stay focused more on the story/lore/action/fun, rather than get bogged down in keeping track of the numbers. that being said, we still use these skills and their values just as much as any rpg; they aren't for show. Sometimes, we will find ourselves in situations where skills may act differently than described below, depending on the context of the moment.


All characters of course have every one of these attributes naturally, of course, but we don't track them like, say D&D ability scores or similar systems. Instead, if you wish to raise an attribute above normal standards of your species, you must take that attribute as a skill, showing that your character actively and intentionally seeks to elevate said attribute(s) through discipline, practice, training, focus, etc. Implants, equipment, and certain status effects (like those recieved from poison or drugs) can raise or lower attributes, either temporarily or permanently, depending on the situation/intention.


Strength - Usually affects unarmed, melee weapons, shield, medium armor, heavy armor, and very heavy armor.

Endurance - Reduces armor penalty. Also, every five ranks allows a character to ignore an additional tier of exhaustion. Usually affects toughness.

Agility - Usually affects athletics, evasion, stealth, no armor, light armor, forceflow: dash and forceflow: jump.

Dexterity - Usually affects ranged weapons, quickcasting, sleight of hand, and all vehicle skills.

Willpower - Usually affects concentration, meditation, forcewill: resist: all, forcewill: augment: all. Also determines things like drug and torture resistance.

Intellect - Usually affects interrogation, mercantile, academics, computer, electronics, engineering, history, linguistics, medicine, navigation, logistics,

military history, strategy and tactics.

Perception - Usually affects insight, investigation, survival, and awareness. Also used for many other situations.

Charisma - Usually affects deception, intimidation,persuasion, animal handling, command and training.

With vehicle skills, we reached a point where we realized that it simply doesn't make sense for a character who is highly skilled at say, piloting starfighters, to be completely unskilled at any other vehicle type. Surely, a certain amount of expertise and experience with one type of vehicle would carry over to another. So, every 5 ranks in any vehicle skill, a character may choose another vehicle type as a bonus. When a bonus vehicle type is chosen, it still starts at rank 1 as with any newly acquired skill, and must be raised naturally by spending skill points. But for rolls, the bonus vehicle skill in question is regarded as having a rank equal to 1/2 the rank of the character's highest ranked vehicle skill (up to a max final bonus of +10, or rank 5). This bonus also applies to any vehicle skills purchased outright with skill points.

EX: Kai's starpiloting is rank 12. At rank 5, he chose landspeeder as a bonus vehicle skill. At starpiloting rank 10, he chose destroyer as another bonus vehicle skill. Even though he never invested any skill points into landspeeder or destroyer, he would use both of them as if they were rank 5, meaning he would still get +10 to any landspeeder or destroyer skill rolls.


After class and starting skills have been chosen, players choose a signature skill for their character. A signature skill is cheaper to rank up at higher levels, and there is an increased "luck factor" in regards to your signature skill. Also, if a natural one or two is rolled using a signature skill, you are able to reroll.

As well, you can select one of your chosen skills to be a background skill. A background skill is considered to start at rank 5, representing your previous experience with said skill. You still must spend all necessary skill points to raise a background skill above rank 5, but until then you will always use the skill as if it were rank 5. Your character's actual background must justify your choice of background skill.


EXAMPLE OF AN ACTUAL CHARACTER'S SKILLS (from a slightly skimpier version of this system, so Kai actually has a handful more skillpoints at this level)

Kai Shin-ji (17th level human jedi guardian)

SKILLS__________ Rank/Bonus/Mods/Final/Effects on skills or abilities



Athletics________5_____ +10___+2___+12


Strength________5_____+10_________+10____+1/2 rank to unarmed and melee wpns

Willpower_______5 _____+10________+10____+1/2 rank to Forcewill: Resist & Augment: All

Agility__________3_____ +6__________+6____+1/2 rank to No armor, Evasion, Forceflow: Jump, Forceflow: Dash

Dexterity_______5_____ +10__________+6____ +1/2 rank to quickcasting, sleight of hand, starpiloting

Endurance______5_____+10__________+6____+1/2 rank reduction to armor weight penalty

No armor_______3_____+6_____+2____+8

Awareness______3_____ +6__________+6

Sleight of Hand__2_____ +4____+3____+7




If Kai's starpiloting seems outrageous (yes, thats a +27 added to a d20) that's because he very specifically wanted to be one of if not the best pilot in the galaxy. He has all but reached that level of prestige, with only a few npcs that can even contend with him. He defeated IG-88 (one of his crowing achievements) in a starfighter dual. He really almost died, he has fought countless darkside users and several Akasivr Sith Lords, but that was one of the closest calls for him.
















Deception - Counterfeit, disguise, lie, seduction

Interrogation - Local, regional, streetwise, torture

Intimidation - Coercion, boast, demoralize, threaten

Persuasion - Bribery, charm, flatter, negotiation

Insight - Deduction, sense emotion, sense intention, sense truth/lie ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Animal Handling - Mount control/training, Treat creature, Calm creature

Investigation - Search/study area, object or creature

Mercantile - Appraisal, barter, economics

Survival - Camouflage, Cooking, Fishing, Foraging, Hunting, Tracking, Trapping, First Aid

Sleight of Hand - Escape bonds, Fast-draw, Lock picking, Pick pocketing, Weapon Reload, Stow Item.

Stealth - Hide passing, Silent Kill, Silent Running, Silent Subdue



Academics - Schoolings such as Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, Physics, Mathematics, Geography,

Computers - Interfacing with the security, data, and programming of computing systems, including droid UCIs (unit control interface).

Electronics - Maintaining/modifying technology that uses transistors, microchips, and other components that regulate the movement of electrons.

Engineering - Involves the design, building, and modification of engines, machines, and structures. Includes demolition.

History - Artifact lore, Archaeology, Law, Politics

Linguistics - Ancient Languages, Cryptography, Identify language, Lip reading

Medicine - Anatomy, Autopsy, Exotic Medicine, First Aid, Surgery

Navigation - Astronomy, Cartography, Hyperspace Plotting, Inter space Communications



Unarmed - The use of one's body to defend from harm, or inflict it.

Shield - The use of an object to prevent harm, such as with vibroshields or energy shields.

Evasion - Dodging melee or projectiles, avoiding traps, or escaping a grapple.

No armor - Increases evasion, stealth, athletics, meditation, and quickcasting.

Light armor - Small penalty to evasion, stealth, athletics, meditation, and quickcasting. Partial damage resistance.

Medium armor - Mild penalty to evasion, stealth, athletics, meditation, and quickcasting. Decent damage resistance.

Heavy armor - Large penalty to evasion, stealth, athletics, meditation, and quickcasting. Good damage resistance.

Very Heavy armor - High penalty to evasion, stealth, athletics, meditation, and quickcasting. Great damage resistance.



Command - The ability to inspire both confidence and obedience, and to keep track of large numbers of subordinates.

Logistics - The detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies.

Military History - Knowledge of past (and current) wars, strategies, tactics, factions, events, weapons, vehicles, and traditions.

Strategy - The art of planning and directing overall military operations and movements in a war or battle.

Tactics - The art of disposing armed forces in order of battle and of organizing operations, especially during contact with an enemy.

Training - The ability to instill a discipline, skill, or expertise with the intention of establishing and improving the capabilities others.



Athletics - Acrobatics, climbing, jumping, running, swimming, and stamina.

Awareness - Blindfighting, Hearing, Smell, Taste, Touch

Concentration - The ability to maintain focus and intent in spite of eminent danger, harm, or death, especially in regards to using skills/abilities in combat.

Meditation - The art of establishing a state of force-consciousness, in which healing, contemplation, distant communication, or training can occur.

Toughness - Brawling, Damage resistance, Pain resistance, Second wind, Stagger resistance, and Status resistance.

Quickcasting - The speed at which the force can be brought forth effectively, typically in combat.




Heavy Pistol




Heavy Rifle

Precision Rifle



Wrist Laser

Wrist Rocket




Throwing Knife


Doublesided Sword





Doublesided Axe




Doublesided Lightsaber





In regards to force abilities, those will be covered on a character to character basis, as there is a good variety of starting abilities available to suit any force user's needs. Below are the common base abilities, note that they become more powerful as you invest ability points into them. Any bonuses from skills or other abilities are in ( ).

Every five levels of an ability, the cost to raise it increases by 1, and you gain a new ability related to it. Ex: Kai raised his Forceflow to level 5, and gained a new ability called Dashstrike. When he raised Dashstrike to lvl 5, he gained another ability called Flicker. Another Ex: Kai raised his Telekinesis to level 5, and gained Telekinetic Blast. When he raised Telekinetic Blast to level 5, he gained Telekinetic Defense.

  • Base Force Abilities-

Force Will

(Willpower Modifier +)


Force +2

Kinetics +2

Psionic +2

Energy +2

AUGMENT: (starts at Force Will rank 4)

Force +0

Kinetics +0

Psionic +0

Energy +0

Force Deceit

______(Forcewill: Augment: Psionic +)

______(Deception or Modifier +)

______Range: Self

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Psionic or Force Sense or Willpower

Drain Knowledge

______(Forcewill: Augment: Psionic +)

______(Interrogate Modifier +)

______Range: Touch

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Psionic or Willpower

______The ability uses the Force to steal deep memories and information in a violent and merciless way.

______Such a process might damage the subject psychologically.

Cause Fear

______(Forcewill: Augment: Psionic +)

______(Intimidation Modifier +)

______Range: Touch

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Psionic or Willpower

Mind Trick

______(Forcewill: Augment: Psionic +)

______(Persuasion Modifier +)

______Range: Touch

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Psionic or Willpower

Force Sense

______(Forcewill: Augment: Psionic +)

______(Insight or Perception Modifier +)

______Range: 10 ft radius

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Psionic or Willpower or DC

______Used to feel another being's feelings, ripples in the Force caused by momentous or traumatic

______events, impending danger and the presence of the dark or light side.

Beast Empathy

______(Forcewill: Augment: Psionic +)

______(Animal Handling Modifier +)

______Range: Touch

______+2 vs Willpower


______(Forcewill: Augment: Force +)

______(Computers Modifier +)

______Range: Touch

______10% system slow down

______d10 [10] system crash

______+2 vs Computer DC


______(Forcewill: Augment: Energy +)

______(Electronics Modifier +)

______10% shield loss

______d10 [10] short system

______+2 vs Electronics DC


______(Forcewill: Augment: Kinetics +)

______(Engineering Modifier +)

______10% armor loss

______d10 [10] structure failure

______+2 vs Engineering DC

Manipulate Midichlorians

______(Forcewill: Augment: Force +)

______(Medicine Modifier +)

______Regenerate or Deteriorate biological material

______+2 vs Medicine DC (regenerate) or Forcewill: Resist: Force (degenerate)


______(Forcewill: Augment: Kinetics +)

______10ft range/ 20 lbs

______+2 vs Weight DC (object) or Forcewill: Resist: Kinetics (creature)

Throw Lightsaber

______(Forcewill: Augment: Force +)

______10 ft range

______+2 vs Evasion or hit DC

Force Lightning

______(Forcewill: Augment: Energy +)

______Range: Touch

______Targets: 1

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Energy or Toughness or Shielding or Evasion

______A purely offensive, energy-based attack that channels Force energy down the user's limbs,

______hurling arcing bolts of electricity from the wielder's fingertips or palms; Force lightning can be

______executed with either one or two hands.

Force Push

______(Forcewill: Augment: Force +)

______Range: 10ft/ 150 lbs

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Force or Strength

Force Barrier

______(Forcewill: Augment: Force +)

______Range: 5ft

______+2 vs Force

Kinetic Barrier

______(Forcewill: Augment: Kinetics +)

______Range: 5ft

______+2 vs Kinetics

Energy Barrier

______(Forcewill: Augment: Energy +)

______Range: 5ft

______+2 vs Energy


______(Forcewill: Augment: Force +)

______(Agility Modifier +)

______Range: Self

______5ft jump

______10ft dash


______(Forcewill: Augment: Force +)

______(Investigation Modifier +)

______Range: Touch

______+2 vs DC

______A mental technique of picking up impressions and traces of information about the object

______touched and the events that have surrounded it.


______(Forcewill: Augment: Psionic +)

______(Linguistics Modifier +)

______Range: 1 mile

______+2 vs DC or Forcewill: Resist: Psionic +)

______The ability to read minds or mentally communicate and project user's thoughts over small

______or vast distances with other individuals.

Shadow Vision

______(Forcewill: Augment: Energy)

______(Awareness Modifier +)

______Range: Self

______+2 vs DC or Forcewill: Resist: Energy

______Use the Force to gain low-light vision, allowing user to ignore the concealment of others,

______specifically those rendered physically invisible.

Force Cloak

______(Forcewill: Augment: Energy)

______(Stealth Modifier +)

______Range: Self

______+2 vs DC or Forcewill: Resist: Energy

______ A rarely seen Force talent involving the manipulation of light and sound waves to render

______a practitioner virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Alter Damage

______(Forcewill: Augment: Energy)

______Range: Self

______+2 vs DC

______Use the Force to manipulate the energy of the lightsaber and reduce the damage caused

______to the target.

Alter Environment

______(Forcewill: Augment: Force)

______(Academics Modifier +)

______Range: 20ft radius

______+2 vs DC

______Allows the user to manipulate nature and physics, enabling the creation of phenomena such

______as wind, fog, cold, heat, quakes, vacuums, high air pressures, or manipulating already present

______phenomena like thunderstorms to cause lightning to strike, or stormy waters to surge.


______(Forcewill: Augment: Energy)

______Range: 10ft

______+2 vs DC (object)

______Allows user to cause an object to explode by sheer force of will. Depending on the size,

______density and vulnerability of the object in question, combustion becomes harder or easier

______to use successfully.

Force Bellow

______(Forcewill: Augment: Force)

______Range: 20 ft

______+2 vs DC or Forcewill: Resist: Force or Strength

______A power in which the user would amplify their voice to violently intense levels using the Force.

Force Blind

______(Forcewill: Augment: Energy)

______Range: 10 ft

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Energy or Toughness

______Upon use of this technique, a blinding flash of energy emanates from a user's hand, manifesting

______as a flash of light that overloaded a target's vision,causing temporary blindness.

Force Drain

______(Forcewill: Augment: Force)

______Range: Touch

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Force or Toughness and Willpower

______A technique that separates an organic creature's life from the force, and harvests the death

______it causes, siphoning the target's vitality and will to empower the user.

Force Light

______(Forcewill: Augment: Force)

______Range: 10 ft

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Force

______By channeling the Force into withering blasts of light-side energy, the darkside can then

______be diminished or destroyed permanently. When used successfully against a darkside user,

______will diminish their connection to the darkside.

Force Render

______(Forcewill: Augment: Force)

______Range: 20 feet

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Force

______Through the manifestion of the force an Orb is created of pure force energy that can

______then be launched against a target.

Force Stun

______(Forcewill: Augment: Force)

______Range: 10 feet

______+2 vs Forcewill: Resist: Force or Toughness

______A Force power that can temporarily deaden the senses and perceptions of a targeted

______enemy, preventing most movements.

(more to come, need to sleep)

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@CraneLordNeon "I would prefer for a darker side character to be a non-force user sentinel or sith, for the lighter side a Jawa-Jedi or something similar to a clone or knight."

A sentinel is definately a force user class, Im afraid im somewhat confused by that first part. You can be a special class, or a sith soldier class, if you wouldnt want to be a force user. As for the Jawa Jedi, I dig that ish. As for clones ,the new republic discovered several caches of hidden clone troopers, approx 200k total. It was later discovered that Palpatine had requested that five divisions of elite troopers be stored in biostasis, for reasons yet undetermined. They have formed the core of the New Republic's Special Forces section of the New Republic Military. Concerns of hidden programming had troubled the Senate, but after several years of gene analysis, it was determined that these clones had been made differently; less gene alterations and more focus on true adaptable efficiency. This left little possiblity for behavior programming, such as with the clones that had been imprinted with Order 66 protocols. Regardless, the clones have served the New Republic with utter valor and devotion, even playing a significant role in the various conflicts with the Imperial Remnants. The point I'm getting at is: although more individually unique and willful than the clones used during the Clone Wars, they are still clones, and still obey orders practically without hesitation. And every clone is registered and tracked, as a safety measure, so their would be no possibility of being a clone and not being a republic soldier class. It is available as a player species, but be prepared for logical/canonical restrictions.

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