5e vs 4e

benzilla13 · Jan 05th 07:26 by Nimlouth · 2

Hey guys I'm new to d&d but I hear that 5e isn't all to great and that 4e is better what would you guys recommend?

1 · by KaDrow · Nov 29th 22:34

Hello, I can tell you personally I think 5e is better if you're starting out without some friends who already got the basic idea. Form my personal game play there's not much of a difference just more to add to your story.

1 · by Nimlouth · Jan 05th 07:26

well i might be answering this tooooooooooooo late but hey! #WhoCaresAnyway... xD

If you like kicking doors, killing stuff, looting stuff and then finding another door to kick and repeat... Well then 4e is a great system with great flowing combat, simple rules and very balanced classes.

Now, if you would like to know what real D&D is you should definitevely play 5e. It is a well thought system with simple rules that also have amazing depth. It is even simpler than 4e and it is also a true roleplaying game, and not just a fantasy fighting/living simulation like 3rd Edition or a tabletop encounter game like 4e. As a player you will really like it, and as a DM you will just love it.