5e vs 4e

benzilla13 · 21. Mar 2017 18:02 by Yami_Bakura · 3

Hey guys I'm new to d&d but I hear that 5e isn't all to great and that 4e is better what would you guys recommend?

1 · by KaDrow · 29. Nov 2016 22:34

Hello, I can tell you personally I think 5e is better if you're starting out without some friends who already got the basic idea. Form my personal game play there's not much of a difference just more to add to your story.

1 · by Nimlouth · 05. Jan 2017 07:26

well i might be answering this tooooooooooooo late but hey! #WhoCaresAnyway... xD

If you like kicking doors, killing stuff, looting stuff and then finding another door to kick and repeat... Well then 4e is a great system with great flowing combat, simple rules and very balanced classes.

Now, if you would like to know what real D&D is you should definitevely play 5e. It is a well thought system with simple rules that also have amazing depth. It is even simpler than 4e and it is also a true roleplaying game, and not just a fantasy fighting/living simulation like 3rd Edition or a tabletop encounter game like 4e. As a player you will really like it, and as a DM you will just love it.


1 · by Yami_Bakura · 21. Mar 2017 18:02

The main difference is this. 4E is very different than other editions, and tends to have combat that drags on for too long, is a bit bloated, and makes the characters a bit overpowered, especially near the high tiers. 5E doesn't really have those problems, its very middle of the road and if you're not an elitist, you probably will find it perfectly sufficient. That's my suggestion.