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Questions and feature request.

Halfslain · 26. Jul 2016 04:16 by Halfslain · 1

Hi Udo,

I'm using for a D&D 5e game I'm running and it's pretty cool. I'd like to be able to minimize the amount of typing that my players have to do by either leveraging the API or enhancing the macros so that most of the rolling they need to do can happen quickly, accurately, and is well commented. Because of the normal/advantage/disadvantage system I can see having about 100 macros per player. Perhaps there is a way that I have not thought of but here are my questions:

1. Is it possible to post dice rolls to a room via the API? For example I want to be able to post something like attack [2d20h+5]

and have it work as if I typed that into the chat line at the bottom and hit send. This would allow me to create custom pages for my players and when they click a link the associated roll pops up in the chat room.

Otherwise these are some enhancements for the macro system to make them more scalable.

2. Is it possible to define variables that can then be leveraged in macros so that macros do not need to be updated when those variables change? For example I would like to be able to do something like this:

/define str 2

/define prof 4

/macro def swordatk 1d20+$str+$prof # Sword Attack

/macro def sworddmg 1d10+$str # Sword Damage

Later on when my str bonus changes I can just redo the /define and all the macros now use the updated value next time they are executed.

3. Using /opt color=X works for chat and when you embed rolls in chat using [...] but doesn't seem to work for text after straight up rolls or macros.

4. Right now macros only support the #XdY format commands, they don't support the chat embedded roll. Would it be possible to allow macros to support the embedded format?

/macro def swordatk Sword Attack [1d20+$str+$prof]

5. Conditional text when rolling. You have a bunch of options to make additional roles but what about just printing text? For example I would like it to bring attention to a critical role.

Sword Attack [1d20+$str+$prof 18-20=text "CRITICAL"]

would produce the output:

Sword Attack [... = 24] CRITICAL

Sword Attack [... = 15]

6. List/export macros in a format that can be used directly for input. Right now when you /macro list it displays them in a format that is not conducive to changing them. Would it be possible to add a /macro export command that would list them in their /macro def format so that you could copy/paste/tweak them easily? Of course if you maintain them in a separate document the entire time it is no problem but it would be nice to be able to do it within the system.



1 · by Halfslain · 26. Jul 2016 04:16

I did some more thinking about this and macros probably are not going to work for the number of combinations. Just trying to remember all the macros would be insane. With that in mind, #1 and #5 would still have value, are they something that would be possible to do?