Tavern - Feature request: The Window RPG NPC/creature generator


Feature request: The Window RPG NPC/creature generator

GMScotty · 17. Jul 2016 17:38 · 0

I have been a long time user of The Window RPG and today while I was familiarizing myself with the chat room I discovered how you can generate npc's but only from two different systems. Is it a big task to incorporate one more in that list? The Window NPC's.

On that note... creature generator would be a real asset based on the environment. The creatures don't necessarily require stats as its the GM's job to worry about that but the name of it and a description would really be helpful. For example... dungeon monsters, Forest monsters, Swamp monsters, Large monsters, Small monsters and so on. I imagine this latter request would be a massive undertaking so can appreciate if thats not on the radar.

I have been searching for some time on a way to incorporate a chat room environment like I used to use way back in the day to play this game but also incorporate live communication and you have hangouts merged with this which makes this my choice for my future games. Thanks for a great and simple yet very effective interface here and I look forward to putting it through its paces with my games coming up.