Zooboss · 04. Sep 2015 01:50 by yellowthroat · 24

Hello all. A large group of people from the Sufficient Velocity forums ( use rolz for our quests and RPs. So I'd like to say thanks on our behalf to Udo. Anyway, what I want to discuss is quests. What are they? Simply put, quests are stories written by the author/GM involving a single Player Character. The GM writes an update and leaves (an) option(s) for the players to vote on. Anyone reading the thread/story has the ability to vote and comment on the quest. When the GM is ready to write the update, they tally the votes and write the next update based on the results of the vote. New players are always welcome because there isn't really a limit of how many people can participate since actions are deciding by voting rather than for each player.

Here are some links to some quests that run on rolz:

The Mountain that Rises by Zooboss (A Song of Ice and Fire)


Rolz Room:

Taffy 3 - A Kantai Collection Quest - Off the Shores of The Sound by Dirtnap


Rolz Room:

The Dragon Reborn by Mazrick and Telamon (Wheel of Time)


Rolz Room:

Anyway, I think Quests are a great way of participating in multiple Stories/Games if you don't have the time for scheduling sessions with other people.

I hope some new players join the quests and maybe we'll see some new quests born from rolz.

2 · by udo · 27. Apr 2015 19:08

Thanks Zooboss for writing this intro. I can say that a fair amount of rolz users are coming from SV, so welcome. This forum is pretty bare bones right now, but I'll add features over time to make you feel more at home. In this context, I wonder if a voting widget might be in order.

Regarding quests themselves, I've never taken part in one, that's certainly something I'd like to try :)

1 · by Zooboss · 27. Apr 2015 19:39

My pleasure. You're welcome to try out my quests. I'll try putting together all my updates so far in a role-playing thread so people can join in without needing to go through another site to read them. But I think there's almost fifty of them so it'll take a while.

3 · by Dirtnap · 27. Apr 2015 20:26

Welllll if Zooboss is gonna shill SV Quests, I might as well throw my current one up. If you like Kantai Collection, head on over and help guide the USS Johnston and friends in their struggles against the Abyssals.

1 · by udo · 27. Apr 2015 20:52 · changed: 27. Apr 2015 22:15

Wow, I promise to read some of these (ASoIaF things seem crazy popular), but that's gonna take a while ;)

Yeah, and obviously if someone wants to try to host one here, go right ahead. On the other hand, I wouldn't want to suck users way from SV.

I think I'll host a general free tavern roleplay thing, not a quest, but maybe enough to get this section started. I expect it's gonna take a while for this forum to become lively though.

1 · by Zooboss · 28. Apr 2015 04:44

@Dirtnap: What's the room name? So I can put it in the OP?

1 · by udo · 29. Apr 2015 00:06

@Zooboss: what functionality would you like in a voting widget?

Also, I see you cross-posted a quest you're running, awesome! You might want to look into the [curator] code which you can put into the thread header - it highlights your posts, which may be advantageous since you're running the thread.

1 · by Zooboss · 29. Apr 2015 00:26

Thanks. For voting on SV theres a program which gets all the lines marked like the following and returns how many voted for option A, option B, etc

[X] Vote A

If something similar could be done thatd be great. It helps a lot when we have multiple choices and allow players to "write in" an action if they don't think one of the provided options is enough

1 · by udo · 29. Apr 2015 00:30

Plus, I'm guessing you as the moderator have to open a new vote, right?

1 · by Zooboss · 29. Apr 2015 00:35

Yeah. Although "over there" we'd tell the counter start counting at Post X and then continue from there

1 · by udo · 29. Apr 2015 00:36

Ah, okay, and it tallies the votes automatically within the post where you reset the counter to?

2 · by udo · 30. Apr 2015 21:22 · changed: 30. Apr 2015 22:08

Okay, Zooboss: the new polling function is ready. I can't guarantee it's bug free, but you might want to try it out.

You start a new poll with the [poll] code, which looks like this:

New poll (open):

and after that you can simply add lines beginning with empty brackets [], and the rest of the line will be the poll option text. The text lines have to be unique within the post and shouldn't change after voting has begun (otherwise the system will think you removed an option and added another one). But if you have to amend a poll option, you can use text in parentheses.

And this is what it looks like




Poll Amendments:


1 · by udo · 30. Apr 2015 21:27

After a poll is done, you close it by editing the original polling post again, changing [poll] to [poll closed] - then it can't get any more votes.

1 · by Zooboss · 30. Apr 2015 21:27

Very nice. Thank you so much

1 · by udo · 30. Apr 2015 21:28

Working on the function that allows users to write in additional options now, will update here when done...

1 · by Zooboss · 30. Apr 2015 21:29

Thank you

1 · by udo · 30. Apr 2015 21:36 · changed: 30. Apr 2015 21:36

[x] testing

meh, didn't work (sorry)

1 · by Zooboss · 30. Apr 2015 21:51

As a work-around, would it be possible to do something like add in


After the poll was opened?

1 · by udo · 30. Apr 2015 21:53

nono, I'm still working on it, it's going to work, stay tuned. In fact, it worked just now during testing, but not in this very thread. Give me a few minutes :)

1 · by Zooboss · 30. Apr 2015 21:53

OK, thanks

2 · by udo · 30. Apr 2015 22:29

Okay, hopefully this will work, otherwise I'll have pinged you in vain again ;)

udo amended the open poll:
option XYZ

Yeeees. Excellent. Okay, the option was added automatically to the original polling post.

Everything should now be tallied up automatically.

1 · by Zooboss · 30. Apr 2015 22:29

Nice! Thank you so much

1 · by udo · 30. Apr 2015 22:30

Alright, try it out, and let me know if you run into any bugs or if you need other functionality. I'll move on to the next item on my feature list now...

1 · by Dirtnap · 01. May 2015 03:23

@Zooboss the room name is Taffy-3 in the new rooms. Sorry been busy with RL so...

1 · by WizHat · 06. May 2015 03:45

I love the voting functionality, even though I never played a quest. Certainly looking forward to trying it out!

1 · by ANV · 09. May 2015 21:47

As much as I enjoy quests, debate and discussion can sometimes get very off-putting. Of course, emphasis on sometimes.

1 · by Blimey · 13. May 2015 23:09

Maybe when you start a new quest, as the GM you could put down some rules, like for example "only one post per user per round", so everyone would be encouraged to put their best argument forward in exactly one post and then let everyone decide on it.

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