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^ what's the highest result you can get when rolling one d30?


Sep 12th 18:48

I forgot my password, how i can recover? | reply

Sep 04th 19:38

Hello All,
I have been using this site for about 5 months now with no issues. On Thursday September third I tried going on to haul strat-o-matic baseball games with my friend Richie. It let me go to home page, then it let me select a dice room that I have used in the past. When I would click on that dice room it would direct me to a room that was blank with only the ROLZ in the top left corner and in the right corner was the Drop menu for "dice room" , "Tavern" , and "more" . I tried all of these many times, restarted my computer seven times with no positive result. Can someone please, please help me . I am not very computer savvy. I just wanna play Strato!!!!!! | reply

Aug 30th 04:43

Hi, I'm new to the site and it seems perfect for the online dice rolling setup I'd like to have. The only problem is, I'm interested in running the new Alien RPG. The success dice would work perfectly for the basic rolls. However, they have their own special stress dice. Is there any chance you will be supporting those mechanics? Or a way I can do those types of rolls with the current system?

Thank you! | reply

Aug 30th 05:06

Oops, spent some time and figured out how to do it.

Very nice site! Thanks for putting this together!

Cheers | reply

Aug 11th 19:58

How do you post into Wikis? | reply

Aug 10th 23:00

Please make it so we can delete rooms, sometimes people click the wrong link, or the link is wrong and they create a whole new room.

V | reply

Aug 05th 01:28

It seems that additive isn't working properly.
4r8 is giving no successes with 3,6,2,2,3 which I think should give 1 success (6+3>8) | reply

Jul 22nd 12:27

This might be the clincher. Can you insert BBCode into external forums to refer to dice rolls on Rolz? Many gamers are pretty hard wired to their forums so this is a must.

V | reply

Jul 24th 17:33

Its there you need to click on the dice by the post in the chat window. | reply

Jul 24th 17:35

Alright but the bookmarklet is not connected to a legitimate page. I keep getting an error message. | reply

Jul 21st 23:28

Also, can you delete a dice room?

V | reply

Jul 21st 23:18

I am looking to start a Tunnels and Trolls campaign on another site. The system rolls a lot of dice. Especially since doubles in 2d6 and triples on 3d6 are rerolled. What would be the formula for rerolling this?

V | reply

Jul 24th 17:34

I dont think this is possible. It only rolls the set highest of the total. | reply

Jun 16th 19:27

Hi. I appreciate your response. I sent you an email that details our request.

Thank you.

Mike | reply

Jun 14th 06:50

I think I've Lost of my chat History and I reallly need it. Have you reset everything ? Is there a backup ? Please Say yes I've written so much on your platform | reply

Jun 14th 09:34

Hi, it's not lost, you just can't see it right now. Although you should be able to see the log for the current month, let me know if that's not the case. Anyway, I'm working on it! | reply

Jun 14th 02:13

Hi. My name is Mike and you might have seen a noticeable increase in the amount of people that use the dice roller since August. We play a baseball game (Strat-o-Matic) using your diceroller.

Appreciate everything here. It is a great roller.

I would like to speak to you about the possibility of creating a separate link for particular users. I think it might be easy for you as the main (if not entire) request is to take options out … and would allow you to make some additional money.

Would you be available for a quick chat? You can email me and I can get you my direct contact number.

[email protected] | reply

Jun 14th 11:27

Hey Mike, yes I can imagine Rolz is too much for that purpose. The problems I see with making a site especially for fantasy baseball (or fantasy leagues in general), are that I'm not a player so I don't know what's going to work or not, and more importantly: there have got to be literally hundreds of websites out there already tackling this exact problem. This is based on the assumption that there are probably more fantasy sports players than RPG players by at least an order of magnitude. So I'm hesitant to invest time in a field that I don't know anything about and where the field is already crowded.

Rolz is a hobby project for me. I have a Patreon to set off some of the server costs, but that's about it. What you are proposing would have to be a for-profit project. Is there a specific niche that you have identified where a paid-subscriber-based site could fit in, something that doesn't exist yet? Feel free to shoot me an email to [email protected] | reply

Jun 16th 19:27

Hi. I appreciate your response. I sent you an email that details our request.

Thank you.

Mike | reply

Jun 10th 17:40
Gary Davis

Is there a limit to how many can be in a room at one time? | reply

Jun 11th 12:33

How many are you bringing? | reply

Jun 05th 16:24

Is it possible to clear the entire chat for all users rather than just the person using the /clear command? Also, how do you leave rooms? I accidentally joined a test room when making my account and want to remove it from the list. Thanks. | reply

Jun 06th 01:22

You can "clear" a room by having the owner lock it and simply never return. Rooms disappear from your list after a while. | reply

May 23rd 01:38

Your stress die is displaying the final number incorrectly.

1A1 1D10+1 => ( (stress die 2 → 2) 1 + 1) = 22
stress die roll of 2 +1 should be 3. I have seen others where it was 8+1 and it displayed 89 as the final. | reply

May 23rd 12:29

The problem here has nothing to do with the stress die. Rolling a 2 on 1A1 is perfectly fine. The unexpected part comes after that, in the next dice code: 1d10+1, which in this case came out to 2. Now we're coming to a particularity of the Rolz dice parser: you made two rolls, each with a result of "2", and the end result is shown as both of them concatenated to "22".

I could have chosen another behavior for this, say, to add the numbers instead of appending them, which would have resulted in a "4".

However, I think the result most players would expect is "2 2", so showing both results with a space in between, because that's what you entered originally: two independent dice codes with a space in between.

The million dollar question is: how much will it irritate 'old' users if I make this change? | reply

May 23rd 12:56

I have thought about this some more and I think this would break lots of cases, including ones where people put spaces in their dice codes for readability, such as "d10 + 1".

I'll leave it as is, that means you should be using "1A1; 1D10+1" for making those two rolls in one go. | reply

May 21st 03:21

what happend to the /search command? inst working | reply

May 21st 06:02

I'm migrating the database right now. The search command will be back after that's done. | reply

May 16th 17:13
Richard Tackabery

Where are the shortcuts? I had created the standard 6, but when I came on today they were gone. Any ideas? | reply

May 16th 21:48
Richard Tackabery

OK, figured it out-had to enter a 0 in the number of shortcuts box. Not very intuitive if the folks who run this thing are watching. | reply

May 18th 01:17

The folks who run this thing is me. I have made some changes to the shortcuts box that had been requested many times for a long time. My guess is that you saw something as a result of me currently working on it. Shortcuts should now be working again as expected. | reply

May 19th 20:24

They are working now-thank you! I apologize for my earlier tone-just was frustrated. | reply

May 03rd 20:05
Bob McCredie

How do I delete a room that I created? How do I find out my password or change my password? | reply

May 03rd 14:30
Bob McCredie

How do you delete rooms that you created? | reply

Apr 30th 19:31

Sorry if this is explained. I could not understand it if so.

I'd like to create a wiki page where clicking a link in the text enters a dice command in the chat.

Is this possible?

For example, I want the link to read <link>Roll 1d20+3</link> and have the action of clicking execute this command.

Thanks very much, | reply

Apr 26th 09:38

How the hell do you roll D&D stats with 4d6 drop lowest and get the damn sum ? | reply

Apr 29th 02:49

The best fucking option would be to use a bloody dice code like 4D6H3. There are more sodding options to be found in the goddamn manual. | reply

Apr 24th 18:19

Can you make a Dark Mode for the website? | reply

Apr 24th 13:31

Is there a way to create a roll with x d6 with success 5 or higher and 6s rerolled and added to the number of successes if so? | reply

Apr 24th 21:59

Found it! | reply

Apr 23rd 03:59

Ability to leave a room or unregister it from saved rooms would be helpful. Lemme know if that exists already, haven't found it just yet. | reply

Apr 21st 19:47

I have the same problem! | reply

Apr 20th 18:07

With all of the Stay At Home Orders in place over the last couple of months, our gaming league has been exploring a variety of options to utilize via Skype. This site has been intriguing in terms of capability. We are used to playing face to face using a dice tower--and recently tested it out with someone and honestly felt as though we were playing face to face; however, we were laughing/commenting that the only thing we were missing was the sound of the dice.. Crazy question--by chance is there a feature on the site that allows for an audio clip of dice rolling to be played when the short cut button is hit? | reply

Apr 29th 02:50

JT38, that's an interesting idea, I'll add that to the list! | reply

Apr 19th 00:42

Ok, found how to disable the "norepeat" it doesn't clearly say that it's disabled and I wasn't disabling it correctly | reply

Apr 18th 23:09

I don't know if it's a feature or a bug, but we absolutely need to input text between rolls or the subsequent rolls do not show...

Ex: I use my shortcut to do an attack... I roll a crit & need to re-roll to confirm (The Dark eye), if I simply re-use my shortcut, *I* see the roll, but nobody else, and there isn't the "dice" icon besides the line in my chat window. I absolutely need to type in some text so that the second roll show. That happens even if the rolls are different.

As we're not really using the "chat" function but more the roll sharing function, it's kind of annoying to have to add useless chatter

If it's a bug, can it be fixed? If it's a feature, where is that documented? can that be turned off? | reply

Apr 17th 00:33

I can't seem to find an option to delete a certain Dice Room from my Dice Room List. This would help me better organize my rooms. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. | reply

Apr 15th 13:10

Hi Udo,

I'm putting together a wiki for my dice room and I'm having trouble with the numbered list directive (*). It's not creating an ordered list, but instead seems to toggle boldface. I can show you the text and result if that would help to clarify.

Thanks for your help and for building this site!

-Sterling | reply

Apr 17th 05:45

Hi Sterling, you're right, that looks like a bug. I've added it to the list of things to fix. In the meantime, you should probably either number your entries manually or use an unordered list (lines starting with -), sorry about that! | reply

Apr 12th 01:54

Would it be possible to update the API page? It seems rather out of date -- after taking a bit of a code-dive to figure out why my Firemonkey script wasn't working, it seems that, for example, document.onMessage has been replaced with document.onNotify; I can't speak as to what other changes may have been made since then, but at any rate none of the functions listed on that page are actually referenced in any of the script files I can see...

(Also, thanks for fixing the login time problem!) | reply

Apr 12th 03:50

impossiblearchitect, thanks for writing in. document.onMessage was NOT replaced by document.onNotify. document.onMessage is still the intended way to receive all chat messages. You can verify that this works by entering this in the browser console:

document.onMessage = function(msg) { console.log(msg); }

This should print all incoming messages. The problem with using onNotify is that it only applies to certain kinds of messages and it's not "officially" part of the API - which means it could changed or could be bound by Rolz itself. | reply

Apr 14th 13:28

... Huh.

I could've sworn I had tried that already, and it hadn't worked.

Oh well. Glad to hear it, I'd rather be wrong than be working with out-of-date documentation :V.

Thanks! | reply

Apr 07th 16:16

Good day,

I realized de command #gen d20 is not working properly, as it is considering only the highest of the 4 dice rolled, and I guess the "formula" for it should use 4d6h3 instead of 4d6h, that is probably written in the macro.

Thank you for the great work on putting this site online!

Regards | reply

Apr 09th 02:35

cahito, you are completely right, this has probably been broken for some time. It should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting this! | reply

Apr 07th 00:11

Hello! I was wondering if there is a dark mode available or in the works? It would be really helpful. I love this website btw, it's just hard on the eyes. | reply

Apr 09th 02:36

Dark mode support is not currently on my radar. If there is demand for it, I may do it at some point... | reply

Apr 06th 01:10

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that due to the higher-than-usual popularity of Rolz right now, the server actually ran out of space there for a moment. Anyway, I have set aside a bit more storage now and we should be good for the foreseeable future. Have at it! | reply

Apr 04th 03:28

Hello! The d20 generator isn't working right. The formula 4d6h only keeps the highest SINGLE number of the four dice rolled. It needs to use the formula 4d6h3, which gives the total of the three highest dice of the four rolled.

Thanks! | reply

Apr 06th 01:09

Hi Matt, to find out how a particular result came to be, let the mouse point hover over the (i) symbol in chat (or click on the result if you rolled it on the front page).

4d6H works exactly as you said: it returns the highest die, it's the short form of 4d6H1. It means "give me the highest 1 die from 4 d6". I understand if you find it unintuitive, but I'm sure if I changed it to "give me the highest x-1 of x d6" other people would find it unintuitive... | reply

Apr 03rd 03:23

when clicking Diceroom at the top of the page, I get un-styled text and the page ends with the following error

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '<', expecting end of file in /home/html/ on line 28 | reply

Apr 03rd 05:59

Yup, seems we hit a bug, it should be fixed now | reply

Apr 04th 20:27

yea, it's fixed, thanks! | reply

Mar 29th 01:44

I keep trying to add more shortcuts, but every time I switch out of the dice room everything but my 6 original short cuts disappear. | reply

Mar 25th 17:35

Is there a way to count the number of successes under a target number? Modiphius' 2d20 system is based on number of successes rolling under a target number. Also, the system for rolling damage has you roll a number of d6 dice but 3s and 4s don't count for anything and 5s and 6s equal an effect.

2d20 powers quite a few newer RPGs.

Thanks! | reply

Mar 25th 00:57

Is there a way to state that a roll of 10 or any other max number counts as a number other than 2 successes?

For example changing it to 3 or 4 successes? | reply

Mar 25th 00:45

I found your sight by accident. I started playing around with your rooms. But I have several questions.

1. How do I clear the log for the room deleting certain text or everything in it? I understand clearing the current screen but want to be able to clear the entire session so that if i log back in it may be gone.

2. How can I clear a line of text if need be so that not everyone can see something I may have typed? | reply

Mar 24th 09:28

I think it would be useful to have an option to send shortcuts to the chat feed (where we write the text) instead to roll them directly, so we can edit them before rolling.

It could be an on/off switch like the autoexpand option.

This way we could, for example, store "#(2d20H1)+" in a shortcut. And when used we add the last number in each case just before rolling.
Or even better. We can store 'parts' of different ecuations... "#(2d20H1)", "+2", "-1" so we put them in the chat feed to roll the entire ecuation when the Enter key is pressed. | reply

Mar 21st 17:40
Blind Man

Can you add a Darkmode please? | reply

Mar 20th 08:11

/opt autoexpand=on works
/opt autoexpand=off doesn't work | reply

Mar 17th 18:45

Dice thrown as code. I love it!! | reply

Feb 11th 23:56

How long is Rolz supposed to keep users logged in for? I keep finding myself signed out of private chatrooms and the like after only a few hours or so; it would be nice if I could stay logged in for much longer, on the order of a week at least. (It used to be a few days, I thought; but then again, maybe it's just because I'm more active now and my IP changes more frequently?) | reply

Feb 08th 22:58

Does anyone know if there's a way to go back into rooms that you created a long time ago? Beyond the last few rooms that it shows you on your list? | reply

Feb 05th 05:53

Great site! Maybe a little bug? When I try to close room with /room close command it will does not have any effect and all users can write a messages henceforward... | reply

Jan 31st 17:24

I put an accent in my name, which the site allowed, but now I can't visit my profile page. Not sure if that's a result of the accent or not. Thanks for the site! | reply

Jan 30th 16:03

When a friend and I tried to join a dice room that we often use, it showed nothing on the side where the dice rolls are supposed to show except a little flashing square in the upper left corner. Is there something new that I don't know about or is there a glitch in the site? | reply

Jan 23rd 14:51

Is it possible to delete my last chat message in Dice Room? Or edit it? | reply

Jan 16th 10:18

gen d20 is faulty, it gives 4d6h, i.e. the highest of 4d6 per attribute.
The dice code used should be 4d6h3 = the highest three of 4d6. | reply

Jan 05th 23:42

is there anyway you can add a function to download a dice room's log? | reply

Jan 05th 01:38

In the menu on the top right, click on "Dice Room", then on that page, there is a button on the first panel that says "Register New Account". Use that to register a nick name. After that you can always use that nick/password combo to recall your settings. | reply

Jan 04th 03:54

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function gmp_strval() in /home/html/ Stack trace: #0 /home/html/ TextUtils::baseConvert('767c1a73f338c29...', 62, 16) #1 /home/html/ Account::startSession() #2 /home/html/

This server is error. I use Chrome
check please. | reply

Jan 05th 01:33

It was y complication from the server re-install should be okay now. | reply

Jan 12th 11:37

That is NOT consistent with the documentation:

"D20/Pathfinder/Dungeons&Dragons Attributes: Use gen d20 to generate a set of D20 attributes. For each attribute, the formula 4D6H is used (drop the lowest d6)." | reply

Jan 03rd 19:51
Steve Stein

Looks like it's still broken on Firefox (Mac):
atal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function gmp_strval() in /home/html/ Stack trace: #0 /home/html/ TextUtils::baseConvert('51e6350303f40ce...', 62, 16) #1 /home/html/ Account::startSession() #2 /home/html/ Account::uid() #3 /home/html/ Account->tryLoadFromSession() #4 /home/html/ Account->__construct() #5 /home/html/ Account::getInstance() #6 /home/html/ UI::headerImage('rolz-headimg4.j...', Object(Closure)) #7 /home/html/ include('/home/html/rolz...') #8 {main} thrown in /home/html/ on line 144 | reply

Jan 05th 01:34

Sorry I didn't notice this problem earlier, should be okay now. | reply

Jan 12th 11:40

That is NOT consistent with the documentation:

"D20/Pathfinder/Dungeons&Dragons Attributes: Use gen d20 to generate a set of D20 attributes. For each attribute, the formula 4D6H is used (drop the lowest d6)." | reply

Jan 03rd 10:10

RNG broken? Am testing both "gen d20" and "repeat 6 4D6H" and I'm getting < 10, every time.


repeat 6 4D6H => 6 ; 6 ; 4 ; 5 ; 5 ; 5
repeat 6 4D6H => 6 ; 4 ; 4 ; 6 ; 5 ; 6
repeat 6 4D6H => 6 ; 6 ; 5 ; 6 ; 5 ; 6
repeat 6 4D6H => 5 ; 6 ; 5 ; 6 ; 6 ; 6
repeat 6 4D6H => 6 ; 6 ; 6 ; 5 ; 4 ; 5 | reply

Jan 05th 01:35

You will never get more than 6. 4D6H rolls 4 D6 and gives you the highest die. | reply

Dec 15th 14:39
Seamus Orzoz

i notice when playing with shortcuts that the room says if your nickname is authenticated, your settings will be saved. however when i look, i cannot figure out how to authenticate my nickname. would it be possible to add a button or option to make that feature more readily accessble? | reply

Jan 05th 01:38

In the menu on the top right, click on "Dice Room", then on that page, there is a button on the first panel that says "Register New Account". Use that to register a nick name. After that you can always use that nick/password combo to recall your settings. | reply

Dec 10th 22:26

I have a bunch of dice rooms that display. How can I remove one? I know you can close a room but they still display. | reply

Jan 05th 01:39

It's just a history of your last-used rooms. You can't currently clear that history manually. | reply

Dec 09th 16:29

I rolled 20d10e1 and got 10 successes. Why? Shouldn’t it be 20 successes? | reply

Jan 05th 01:43

There seems to be a bug in the "E1" case specifically. If you changed that to a number like 20d10e2, you'll get the correct result... | reply

Dec 04th 22:07

My dice rooms keep breaking. I can only see some of the rolls my players do, and some straight up will not show. | reply

Nov 14th 23:26

Hello. Is there any way to go to the beginning of the log? We have gamę going on for several years and i would like a nostalgia trip | reply

Jan 05th 01:44

Not right now, you'd have to click your way to the beginning. You're right, the UI for this should be better. | reply

Nov 12th 01:12
Nicolas B. Merçon

The maximum of Shortcuts that I can save is 6. If I reload the page, all other shortcuts beyond shortcut #5 is cleared erased. For now, I'm saving the codes in a .txt and copy+paste when in need | reply

Nov 09th 14:21


I see we can know how a result came to be by clicking on it.
Is there any way to automatically show that info, without having to individually click the results?

ty | reply

Jan 05th 01:47

Yes, there is a way. When inside a dice room, click on the cog symbol in the right pane. The 3rd section here is "Options". Click on "auto-expand dice results" to enable. | reply

08. Aug 2019 14:23

Good morning I am trying to produce several roll for Chronicles of Darkness (2nd Edition nWOD)

6d10 Target Number 8 Exloding 8
So every die 8 or over is a succces and a reroll

What is the proper code for this.

Thank you | reply

24. Jul 2019 00:17

Is there a way to use to "Success functions" in one roll? I play World of Darkness and our rolls are all die 10. Any number above 7 is a success and 10 count as double successes. Basically it would be awsome if -5D10F7X10 worked.

Roll 5 d10. All Successes above 7 are counted and 1's are subtracted and 10s count twice.

Ive tried to read all the comands but can seem to find away to combine functions.

Any suggestions? | reply

09. Jul 2019 21:11

Is this page still being funded and updated? | reply

23. May 2019 20:41


je nai.pus accès a votre site avec mon ordi. Mon fournisseur internet me dit que vous m'avez bloqué. Est-ce que je.peux savoir pourquoi ? | reply

19. May 2019 03:22

GLITCH: after using the " #gen dh help " all the formation of the log was broken after it, picture: the room name its " dhayi " if need to see | reply

05. May 2019 11:13


I am from the EU and we used your tool for playing a pen a paper role play game for years.
We were sad to hear, that it is no longer available for us.
Would it be possible to pay you for the source code, so we can build the rolz on a private server just for us?

Best Chris | reply

30. Apr 2019 01:15

I forgot my password to my nickname. I've tried all the ones I thought it could be. Could you delete that so I could remake it or email me the password? | reply

30. Apr 2019 01:15

I forgot my password to my nickname. I've tried all the ones I thought it could be. Could you delete that so I could remake it or email me the password? | reply

13. Apr 2019 21:48

I can NEVER make a room...

Choose username, leave password blank... every time I get a message "Password not for this account" | reply

09. Apr 2019 07:53

your 'gen d20' command is only returning the highest single die from the 4d6 that it rolls for each attribute. It should be rolling '4d6H3' not just '4d6H'. | reply

08. Apr 2019 06:35
Howard Bishop

I'm registered as LaticsExile, but it's not accepting my password for some reason. | reply

07. Apr 2019 03:40

Sometimes when I read the messages in a dice room, switch to a different internet browser tag, then switch back to the Rolz dice room window tag some of the previously posted messages is missing from the main chat room window. The missing text is still in the history tag, but I'm not entirely sure what's happening there. Sometimes it clips text from the beginning and shortens it all to look like I just logged in mid-conversation, other times it's missing other sent text lines in the middle of the active chat log window and there's a single time stamp in place of the missing messages instead. Still all readable in the history tag, but I was wondering if that was a glitch or something to do with internet connection issues? | reply

03. Apr 2019 18:04

Someone needs to kill this Alric in the lobby chat. It is some persistent bot! | reply

03. Apr 2019 16:50

Are the private forums, seen by everyone or just the creator/owner? | reply

09. Jul 2019 21:13

It looks like the chats can only be seen by registered users that use that room. | reply

25. Mar 2019 12:19

Would it be possible to implement the ability to change the color of the character's name when using the '/say NAME' command? It comes up default orange, which I find difficult to read on this background due to vision issues. Being able to set it to default to another color would be a lot easier for me. | reply

21. Mar 2019 19:45

How do I delete dice rooms and libraries? | reply

27. Feb 2019 01:39

Your d20 generator is broken. It's giving the single highest of 4d6 instead of the three highest. It's because you're using the dice code 4d6H when you should be using 4d6H3. | reply