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^ what's the highest result you can get when rolling three d4?


Mon 17:21

Hi there,

I'm having a bit of a bother with whitelist. I used one to test it out and see how it worked, and it seemed to be working okay, but then I tried to turn it off since some of the people using the room couldn't get on. I figured it'd be an easy "/room whitelist=" and it showed up a line saying whitelist is off, but now the people just keep getting tossed to the lobby. I tried whitelisting (and turning it back on, of course) them using their registered nicks, but that just kept giving them an "You're not on the whitelist" result.

Seems there might be a bug of some sort? | reply

Feb 08th 04:43

Group plays in several separate rooms. One particular room has stopped recording the posts/rolls of all my accounts, but the other rooms work fine. | reply

Feb 08th 08:43

Adon_the_Witcher: It's probably flagged for some reason. If you send me the room name via email, I can look into it. | reply

Feb 07th 19:37

for some reason I can't sign in with my account | reply

Feb 07th 22:01

I figured it out I accidentally typed in toberryking999, is there a way i can change my profile name | reply

Feb 07th 18:53

how do i make my nickname "DM" | reply

Feb 07th 18:54

Since nicknames are global, that's probably already taken, sorry. | reply

Feb 07th 19:16

thank you | reply

Feb 04th 03:42

I created an account, then got logged out. Upon attempting to re-login, my password does not work. Is there any way I could get the account deleted (it was created approximately 10 minutes ago) so I can recreate it? | reply

Feb 04th 08:42

samitefan1: I removed your old account, the name should be available again. | reply

Feb 03rd 22:33

I understand that you needed to discontinue the legacy rooms, but is there anything when rolling dice in the new room that the base 1d20 or whatever you last typed will stay? It's really annoying when in the middle of combat and have to keep adding a hashtag and type it all out. My players keep messing up and as a GM when you are dealing with lots of monsters it's really annoying to not be able to just backspace and add something new. Maybe you can add settings? My default then could be selected on the rolling mode or something so it was like it was in legacy. | reply

Feb 04th 08:43

Lera: go to the "Tools" tab when inside your dice room. Check the option "clear input with # after die roll", that should emulate the old room's behavior. | reply

Feb 02nd 20:50

I absolutely love this site, its EXACTLY what ive been looking for for so long! I also love the medieval touch, adds more... feel.. anyway would really love if you could somehow make all this accessible through a mobile device for obvious reasons or maybe even a watered down version... i know so many people that would jump at it if and when that happens | reply

Feb 04th 08:47

Phemzy: well, the site should run okay on mobile, too, if it doesn't please let me know. If you're talking about an app that has offline rolling capabilities: that existed at one point, both for Android and iOS. However, it was expensive and tedious to maintain the app, especially since almost nobody bought it. I think it was like 20 sales total for 1.99 each over more than two years! App store membership alone costs me more than a hundred bucks per year ;)

So no, not going into that rathole again... | reply

Jan 31st 07:26

Hey, Udo, just curious - when exactly are the rooms going down, in say UTC time? | reply

Jan 31st 11:03

I was thinking about 12:00 UTC tomorrow. The rooms won't be down as such, but you won't be able to post to them anymore. There should also be a download link as of now, allowing you to export your stuff. If you need any help with the data, let me know.

I'll keep the room data available for a couple of months at least. | reply

Jan 31st 11:27

Noted, thank you very much! | reply

Jan 29th 16:36

So the rooms are gone? They aren't connecting at all. | reply

Jan 25th 17:58

Okay you said that the reason the rooms are gone is because of server crash, well i re-added my rooms and they have gone again for a second time.

Plus like Jazmine says I have some-one's notes which is very strange. | reply

Jan 25th 18:00

Yes, I just informed you that I cleared out all room associations made within the last few days.

What's that about someone saying you have someone else's notes? | reply

Jan 25th 08:04

I forgot my password for my account. How i can recovery it? | reply

Jan 25th 06:53
The Laughing Stranger

Hello! My group and I have been using this site for years. Thanks for hosting the legacy rooms as long as you have. I am trying to move things over to the current dice roll rooms, but I am having some difficulties. We use a d10 pool system and I would like to see the individual numbers rolled, but the 'auto expand results button' does not appear to be working. Toggling it does not result in any change to the displayed dice, before or after the button is used. Not sure if it is a bug or if I am missing something. | reply

Jan 25th 07:16

The Laughing Stranger: hey there, it was a bug, yes. It should be fixed now... | reply

Jan 25th 06:06

Hey, Udo. I used your legacy rooms a lot, for a long time. Firstly I would like to thank you for maintaining them for so long. You have been very good to a lot of the older users, especially my old group, and I would like you to understand just how appreciated that is.

That being said, I have to ask you to clarify something: when the legacy rooms go down, will the logs of said rooms still be accessible? Or will those also be going down?

Cheers | reply

Jan 25th 06:07

Alternatively just answer Firnagzen since we're asking the same question because we both want to know, lol, sorry for the doubelpost | reply

Jan 25th 07:16

Rook: thank you for understanding, it wasn't an easy decision, but I just don't have the resources to keep both the legacy and the "new" rooms updated. I'm going to make an export function that will allow you to archive your room log. | reply

Jan 25th 06:05

Hey, I noticed the Legacy rooms are being shut down. Will the logs still be available? | reply

Jan 25th 07:14

Firnagzen: Hey, yeah I got your email. I was thinking about offering an exporter so people can retrieve the room log. | reply

Jan 25th 12:58

Oh, very nice! I'd love that, thanks! | reply

Jan 29th 01:55

Hey, Udo? Just curious, do we have an ETA or a guarantee on the logs downloader? | reply

Jan 24th 20:11

What the hey. I just logged on under my user name and password and some random stuff has ended up in library. Furthermore, my notes for my room have gone missing. Help please. | reply

Jan 24th 20:12

Jazmine: server crashed, should be okay again now | reply

Jan 24th 18:23

Hello! I started 2 Dice Rooms and they have both disappeared. | reply

Jan 24th 20:06

Yup same issue. Can't get onto either of my usual dice rooms. No chat text and some random notes which don't belong to me or the other DM | reply

Jan 24th 20:12

Sarah: Yeah, chat server was down. It's restarted now. Let me know if you encounter any more problems! | reply

Jan 19th 02:37

As the creator/owner of a Dice room, I wish I had more admin functionality. Specifically, I want exclusive controls over things like ignore, kick/ban, and other tools to keep the rest of my players in line. Sometimes, they really act like children.

Basically, with the Room that I was playing in, everybody had full access to all the powers, from generating NPCs to muting people. Somehow, *I* the GM got muted! | reply

Jan 19th 02:52

That's not what Rolz is designed for. There is no kick/ban, there is no mute either (don't know how you got that impression, maybe they were trolling you or you had connectivity problems). You can just password-protect the room and give the password only to the people you like.

Fundamentally, Rolz is not designed for adversarial groups, it's designed for groups of friends roleplaying together. You can prevent outsiders from joining by simply choosing an obscure room name, and you can choose a password. That should be more than enough for this scenario.

If you're using Rolz for some other purpose, you're on your own. I'm not going to try and be all things to all people. | reply

Jan 19th 03:03

That's the thing...They are all friends, who just get too tangled up with each other. It's a mix of confusion and frustration among them, so if I as GM can not do anything to quell such disruptions and infighting, I am concerned. | reply

Jan 19th 03:10

It's easy to create a new account and rejoin though, a ban or kick command wouldn't be effective at all.

I've been thinking about a feature where you as the room owner could specify a list of people who are allowed to be there. That might help in your case, but more fundamentally I think this is a social problem. You as the GM are in the unique position to make them understand you're not going to GM for them if they keep disrupting everything (the same would hold true for a physical session).

I'm going to build this whitelist feature though, maybe it could help in cases like this. | reply

Jan 19th 03:16

A whitelist would be kinda nice, but I was thinking of reserving most of the commands for the room owner, or whoever registered the room. That would help a lot, I think. Again, if things get too out-of-hand, then I just leave and then nobody gets to play.

No question, this is a social problem. But if all 4 or so players keep monkeying around with the NPC generator, for example, that can get seriously irksome when trying to conduct my game. If there were a way to toggle something so that only the room "owner" could use such functions like the NPC generator, that would go a long way in helping me. | reply

Jan 19th 03:18

I'll think about that, but I'm also not going to break things for other groups who might rely on these commands being available. In any case though, it sounds like your players will probably find a way to disrupt your session by any means.. | reply

Jan 19th 04:29

ThePlatinumPaladin, there is now a whitelist option to the /room command, and you can /kick people if you're the room's creator. | reply

Jan 19th 18:20

Oh Awesome! I'll toy around with this, once I learn the specifics for how /room works. For now, thank you for your hard work and addressing my very specific concerns! :D | reply

Jan 19th 22:12

So I tried /room whitelist= and I tried /room whitelist=- and now, nobody can enter the room. At all. Not even the people I want. Similarly with /room names=off for turning off the names=on flag, I'm not sure how much of that is working right now. All I know is, people (at the time of this writing) are trying to get in, I want them in, but they can't get in. | reply

Jan 19th 22:14

I'm in the lobby, send me the room name via private message | reply

Jan 18th 21:00

How i can delete my account | reply

Jan 19th 00:30

Set the password to something you won't remember to lock yourself out. | reply

Jan 17th 21:29

So I seem to have an issue with Chrome/Canary that doesn't allow me to connect to rooms at all.

an endless loop of "connecting" is instead displayed. it works just fine on IE and Edge, but Chrome and Canary seem to have this issue for me. | reply

Jan 17th 23:18

Vi, regular Chrome works fine for me. If things are broken on Chrome Canary, that's most likely Canary's fault. I've seen canaries where networking didn't work at all.

Did you run the websocket test suite? | reply

Jan 07th 13:59

Any chance you'd add the Star Wars RPG dice? | reply

Jan 15th 18:15

Luke, it's been discussed before, and my stance remains at the moment: I feel the SW dice are copyrighted and it wouldn't be appropriate (or even legal) of me to include them here. It also seems to me that the special SW symbols are intended as a kind of copy protection scheme, I really don't want to mess with that.

Theoretically, I might be able to get away with just calling the symbols by generic names, but I'm not sure if that would help. | reply

Jan 02nd 13:32

Hi, how do I add a password to my room so that only people who know the password can enter it?

I can see an option for this when entering a room with my username, but I don't know how to change my room's settings so that a password is required. | reply

Jan 07th 00:39

Hey Bloodfluck, not speaking on behalf of Udo, but I think if you simply enter a room's name that hasn't already been used and put a password, then it'll be set up so that whenever entering this room, people will need the password you set up.

Cheers. | reply

Dec 26th 16:01

It seems the online rooms are down, what's going on? | reply

Dec 26th 16:22

Sorry, it's the holidays, I hadn't even noticed. :( | reply

Jan 07th 00:36

Hey no prob man, I found an alternative solution in the mean time, I'm glad it wasn't permanent though, my games are heavily dependent on the well-sake of your website :).

Question : do you have plans about integrating some ways to fiddle with cards? Like, regular playing cards. | reply

Jan 15th 18:11

Ref, it's one of the many ideas I have on my list, I'll just need some time to actually implement them ;) | reply

Dec 26th 14:46

Rooms currently online: 0 / active: 0
Users currently online: 0 / active: 0
Server status: Down

So sad. | reply

Dec 26th 16:22

Sorry, it's the holidays, I hadn't even noticed. :( | reply

Dec 26th 14:40

I have some issues with entring the room. It writes the "сonnecting..." messages only without any actual notes like rolls and text messages. | reply

Dec 26th 16:23

Sorry, it's the holidays, I hadn't even noticed. :( | reply

Dec 22nd 02:49

So I want to change my room so that you don't need an account to log into it, but it says I'm not the owner of the room. Not sure how to fix it as I didn't have an account when I set up the room.
The room's name is Lizard'sRoom | reply

Dec 17th 04:11

I forgot my password for my account. The name is Kami can you delete it? | reply

Dec 12th 11:11

Hi Rolz

I believe what you built here is special. A place for Dnd players to come and enjoy each others company. The private room function is great and the dice rolling skill are fantastic.

A few things I have noticed which will make the site a lot better.

1) Is there a way to privately chat with a player via the site if they are in the game room with us - Player to player, GM to player or player to GM.

2) Joining a room can be really difficult. Perhaps there needs to be inbox type system where an admin can invite a player to a room and the player can join via clicking a link in a message?

3) Linking with other players to start a game is difficult. Along with a general lobby, perhaps considering instead of having a forum for game searches, have an extra lobby with for players looking to join a game.

4) Private messaging in a lobby. I am not sure if your able to use this function yet, however the ability to private message others is a must.

I know your probably wondering who this guy is. Choose to take on my advice, or don't, I just know the potential this site has. When you look at OCTGN (card game platform) and Virtual playtable (another card game platform) these are quite user friendly. I know this can be great so please keep going in developing the site. | reply

Nov 29th 17:00

So, the forum image isn't working for me, example: | reply

Nov 07th 02:39

So, for the past couple of weeks, my group has been using your dice room to play a pseudo d20-lite system, the games tend to start around 7, or 8 on Saturdays and Sundays, and every time your website constantly goes down, is that your day for maintenance, or do the rooms crap out at any group larger than four? | reply

Nov 06th 02:37

Everything broke | reply

Oct 21st 18:05
The Unknown

Thanks a lot for this site! It's very useful.
But a lot more shortcuts will be much better. Say separate tab with 20 (or even more) lines like 4 lines in "Recent Chat Lines" (or even 2 columns of twice shorter lines) will be very nice.
Easy way to copy line in clipboard will be also nice. Say button near link on embed image.
Also 2 additional commands can be useful:
repeatN (or rN) - repeat previous roll N times (only roll, not conditions)
skipN (or sN) - skip next N groups of text [roll]

axe attack [d20+10 1-17=skip3] crit check [repeat] damage [d12+10] or crit [r3; skip] damage [d12+10]
"repeat" here mean "d20+10"; "r3" will be "repeat 3 d12+10"

on 1-17 text in chat will be like:
axe attack [d20+10 1-17=skip3 = 22] damage [d12+10 = 13]
on 18-20:
axe attack [d20+10 1-17=skip3 = 29] crit check [repeat = 21] damage [d12+10 = 11] or crit [r3; skip = 38]
And last one option to hide text of command will be also good for long conditions:
"hide" (or h) - hide all text of command after it

axe attack [d20 h 1-10=cancel 18-20=x2] damage [h d12+10]

will looks like:
axe attack [d20 = 2] damage [= 0]
axe attack [d20 = 11] damage [= 17]
axe attack [d20 = 19] damage [= 32] | reply

Oct 17th 19:28

I enjoyed your free service. I will probably use it more often and leave a donation. Great Website!
Thanks a bunch! | reply

Sep 30th 19:41

You should add a way to delete old dice rooms. | reply

Sep 29th 20:46

I wonder if it's possible to add variables into the dice rolling?

For instance, with Call of Cthulhu you would have a skill value which you must roll below to succeed and roll 20% or less of in order to impale (or crit).

i.e. something like [d100 skill=78 (skill/5)=x2 (>skill)=cancel] damage [d10+2] | reply

Sep 01st 09:52
Dante Alighieri

I have the same question as spreader. Is it possible to remove chat room log?
I created dice room which room name is very important to me. I tested dice rolls and now a chat is quite messy. I was wondering is it any chance to remove old logs? Because the name of the room must be the same as is now.

Thank you in advance for your reply,
Dante | reply

Aug 20th 15:55


Is it possible to remove dice rooms from my list? | reply

Aug 18th 04:31

I have a feature request that seems like it would be fairly simple to implement. I don't know if you are familiar with MUCK/MUX/MUSH gaming (online, text-based roleplaying servers that have been around since the Early Pliestocene era of the Internet), but on such games, there is an [email protected] <text>' command which emits <text> visible to everyone in the room, but without prepending the player's name. It is very useful for such things as GM scene-set poses and NPC poses, as well as player poses that don't start with either their character's name or 'CharacterName says,'...

For obvious reasons, on this site it would be undesirable for similar poses to be actually anonymous, but perhaps there could be a command which would emit text to the room with either the person emitting's name in brackets at the end, or, better yet, with an unobtrusive mark at the end that would reveal the emitter's name when one's mouse is hovered over it? | reply

Aug 14th 21:45

How does one delete a chat room one has created?
Is it possible to clear the chat archive from a room? | reply

Aug 14th 21:52

Why? Couldn't you just not tell anyone the room exists? | reply

Jul 31st 14:16


I'm fairly new to this website, and trying to set up a room in order to host a little online RPG event this next weekend for some people. For that it's very important that each player can roll privately, and only have to disclose it when asked for it.

I tried using the /self code in order to roll privately, but it seems despite using #1d6 ;1d6, or just 1d6 all the outcomes were 0. Maybe someone can explain to me how this is supposed to work? | reply

Aug 04th 17:31

Can anyone give me response to this? :) | reply

Aug 04th 17:38

LuluZealander, sorry for the wait. It looks to me like you might be entering "/self #d6" instead of "/self d6" - could that be? | reply

Jul 30th 03:02

Great website and service as well, really useful, making all my games so fun. =)

So here's my question, is there a way to count rolls that are equal or lower than a value,
as with the basic success based-roll "E" (i.e 1d100E50 which count how many roll will be equal or greater than 50)
but in the other way, that would count how many are actually equal or lower than the chosen value ?

Thanks for everything. =) | reply

Jul 28th 23:03


I create a room recently, and I'm no longer listed as the owner/creator of the room. Is there any way to take this back or to set me as the owner? | reply

Jul 28th 23:05

Just seen further down you ask people to email you about this, I'll do that now! :) | reply

Jul 22nd 17:41

I pressed the "recent chat lines" button that read "/nick <username> <password>" in attempt to log in to my username. Instead it posed my username and password in the forum :/ | reply

Jul 17th 14:45

The send function on the mobile version doesn't seem to be working. I have tried to refresh it multiple times. Any suggestions? | reply

Jul 13th 06:05
Kaneki ken

Be soooo helpful to have it work on mobile | reply

Jul 13th 05:30

i cant set admin functions in one of my dice rooms. It says i'm not the admin | reply

Jul 12th 06:31

Is there anyway to go to certain days on the log? I rather not go clicking on "load more items" for the next hour or so. | reply

Jul 09th 02:44

Hi folks

Is it easy to build an app for android ?

Best regards | reply

Jul 27th 15:40

Yes, if we take it to a developer they'll likely charge about 20k USD and then we'll have a decent ROLZ app. | reply

Jun 21st 18:23

Does anyone know if you can delete dice rooms once created? My room list is full of rooms I created by accident when mistyping room names. | reply

Jul 04th 08:16

No, you'll have to live with this grave mistake until just the real rooms are left :D | reply

Jun 20th 20:42

Could someone please delete my account? I can't figure out any way to do it myself. | reply

Jul 04th 08:15

Just log in and set your password to something random... | reply

Jun 20th 00:34

Probably not so much a bug as a feature that has been taken too far, a username I have been using for a long time (Michelle, the name of my character for the campaign we are playing) is now passworded.
Perhaps instead of passwording a name across all servers, have the passwords be room specific. | reply

Jul 04th 08:15

I disagree that it's a feature taken too far. Rolz always had password-less accounts, and I'm trying to keep it that way. It's essentially like an IRC server. If you really care about a nick, you should register it ;) | reply

Jun 17th 02:40

Hi folks

Could you develop an app for Android?

Pedro Sobrinho | reply

Jul 04th 08:12

I answered this a lot recently, I should probably add this to the help section ;)

An Android and iOS app existed at some point, but there was little interest in it, so I stopped updating the Android and iOS apps. | reply

Jun 13th 17:59

Is there a way currently to do Hackmaster 5e penetrating rolls? (That's an exploding die, but you subtract 1 from the exploded rolls, and d20 explodes to a d6 while d100 explodes to d20.)


* Rolling d6, initial roll is 6, second roll is also 6, third roll is 3, final total is 6 + 5 [6-1] + 2 [3-1] = 13
* Rolling d20: initial roll is 20, second roll is 6, third roll is 6, fourth roll is 2, final total is 20 + 5 + 5 + 1 = 31. | reply

Jul 04th 08:11

As I said in the Tavern thread, I'll make a code for that. | reply

Jun 06th 08:54

Is there a feature for "secret" rolls for the game master?
Would be useful feature so the game master can use a single tool | reply

Jun 07th 08:25

Yes, have a look at Chat Commands in the help tab: the /self command is what you're looking for. | reply

Jun 04th 17:07

You have no option for password recovery and now I can't get back into my account/nickname.... | reply

Jun 07th 08:24

True, one of the drawbacks of having a minimal user account system. I might add an email field or something in the future to make this possible. If you're really attached to that nick, send me an email, I can reset it manually. | reply

May 27th 16:23

Been gone for a while but just wanted to say I love this place, thanks for all the work you do. | reply

Jul 04th 08:11

Thanks, that's good to hear :) | reply

May 22nd 11:49


I am currently having an issue reaching my room. It was working fine yesterday morning (May 21st), but today it will not let me enter the room, view the logs, etc. May I have some help, please? | reply

May 22nd 12:07

Well there was an update so maybe I broke something. But your description is very vague, could you be more specific? | reply

May 22nd 12:10

What sort of issue is it? Do you see any error messages? What do I need to do to reproduce the bug? | reply

May 22nd 14:41

On the front page, I enter my username and password, and I enter the name of the room I have been using. The room name uses both uppercase and lowercase letters, and it has a : in it, as well. There is an option for entering a 'room password', which is new, but I ignore that because I have never used a room password before.

I then 'join'.

Instead of bringing me to the room I typed in to join, the first time it created a room using the first two letters of the room name I entered, and now it persistently brings me to the created room, even when I try to /join the originally-intended room from the new room, or retype the room name from the front page.

The room name I have been trying to reach has never had issues before, even with the mixed-case name and the : . I have attempted joining the original room in both Chrome and Firefox, and I have typed in the room name by hand instead of via Autofill or similar 'shortcuts'.

I hope this helps with recreating or pinpointing the issue! If there is more specific information you need, let me know? | reply

May 22nd 14:54

Oh, I see, yeah it's the : in the room name... I'll take care of it | reply

May 22nd 15:53

Thank you! | reply

May 05th 08:19

Hey! Build an Android App.
I know at least 100 people starwing for app to roll from shortcuts in rooms!!! | reply

May 21st 10:59

At some point, there was both an Android and an iOS app - I can assure you, there is no market for such a thing. I eventually stopped maintaining it. | reply

May 24th 09:48

Hi! Thanks 4 reply.
Is there an old version of an app to look at it?
Will it connect to site? | reply

Apr 23rd 18:35

I've created a room as Alric, and signed up after this. Now the room has no owner at all so no one can setup room options. Is it possible to assign a new owner for the room? | reply

May 21st 10:53

Yeah, that's a known bug. Shoot me an email with your account name and the room name, I'll put you in as the owner manually. | reply

Apr 19th 08:47

I've found a workaround for the bug where you create a room but aren't considered its creator.

For me, the bug happens whenever I create a room via the front page. But when I create a room with the /join command from another room, I am properly considered the creator of the new one. | reply

May 21st 10:58

That's useful info for nailing down that bug, thank you! | reply

Apr 15th 07:22

Desperately need to go back to the Old Chat Room's style of room log, or at least something similar. The current system makes trawling the logs for important details incredibly inconvenient. | reply

May 21st 10:54

Tell me what's inconvenient about it and I'll change it! | reply

Apr 06th 22:41

Need a /kick feature and the password feature needs to actually work | reply

May 21st 10:56

There is no password rooms, so I'm not sure what you're talking about. A /kick thing would be possible but pointless with the way rooms work currently. | reply

Jun 27th 05:30

I used the password=PWD commmand for the Dice Room I created but there was already some random person who had joined in before I set the do I kick them out? | reply

Apr 05th 20:12

a simple API for hipchat integration would be awesome:

It should be fairly easy to implement since it's just json in, json out. | reply

May 21st 10:57

You could use the Rolz API and write the necessary glue code yourself, but: yeah I can see how HipChat integration would be a useful feature. Not sure when I'll get around to it though. | reply

Apr 04th 23:23

Hello, Seem to be having Trouble Sending Links when trying to get People to Join in a Session... Is there a Code to Invite that I'm not aware of? Or has this been The Norm? | reply

May 21st 10:57

No, there are no codes. What exactly is the problem? | reply

Apr 02nd 03:43


Our D&D group runs with Rolz for keeping people honest with dice rolls. It's a great resource! We love it! What was odd is the recent (recent to us) change in the input for rolling dice, where now a hashtag is required for the site to recognize the command as a die roll. We inevitably wind up forgetting to use it every session. Is there a reason the # was required for the system to recognize inputs as die commands?

Cheers and thank you,
Morgan | reply

Apr 08th 21:35

Yes, i realize it too. but if I'm not mistaken, but if I'm not mistaken, there was a way to use formula without "#" I do not remember if it was in HTML5 mode or JavaScript. | reply

Apr 01st 05:43

Is there any way to reset a password? I accidentally posted mine in a room. | reply

May 21st 10:58

Yes, just use the register command again to give yourself a new password. | reply

Mar 30th 15:36
Currently known as Potator

Is there a way to recover or reset passwords? I have forgotten a password for an account/nick that i recently made. | reply

Mar 26th 21:04

Was u logged?
Else, its may be bug. | reply

Mar 19th 16:56

I have created a room and I want to set room options but the system tells me that only the creator can set room options. I created the room, so I'm a little confused. | reply

Mar 15th 00:13

There is some built app to mobile of
I just saw APP code to implement, but, eg, and Android app, there is? | reply

Mar 10th 12:36


This isn't really feedback. I do think you've done a great job with the website and I would like to know how you created the chat rooms, how several users are connected and son forth. I've never done that before and I can imagine how it works but I was wondering if you had any tips and tricks that you might want to share. If so hit me up on the email provided.

Thanks in advance! | reply

Mar 05th 23:28

Hi, I noticed what there is no password reset function on you page. I want use the name "Laurin" but I fear I made a typo by my password during the registration. Now I can not login with this name, because the passwort what I type in is everytime wrong. Can you reset my password please?

Best regards,
Chris | reply

Mar 01st 01:10

Is there a way i can set myself up as a DM so that my rolls are hidden from the others? | reply

Feb 29th 07:51

You know what would be awesome: I would absolutely love to embed Rolz into my own website, in a manner of speaking, allowing my users to use a similar [roll x] format that would call Rolz and get the results, like the bookmarklet currently does. | reply

23. Feb 2016 14:47

Thanks to my piece of shit of a cell my password was broadcast. How can I reset it? | reply

21. Feb 2016 22:29

The current functionality of success pool code S (as in [20d10s6]) isn't like the other success pool rolls. Instead of treating exploded dice separately and adding them to the pool as successes (or not) it sums up the results of the exploded dice. This functionality is counter-intuitive when compared to similar functionality. I think it's supposed to be a combination of F and M codes, but currently does not work like that.

If it did, it would be nice for those of us playing classic World of Darkness. | reply

15. Feb 2016 01:17

I just want to say I am trying to “lure” people into playing a bit of a dungeon crawl. Thus far it has not been easy at all. One observances, and some may call it a criticism is, I see so many people log on then have no idea what they are doing. They log on and thinking that they are interrupting a game session or some other ritual. I am trying to think of a better, more introductory friendly way of presenting Rolz, because I would very much like to run a lite rpg game/campaign on here.

Ideas, suggestions? | reply

15. Feb 2016 01:21

Valdus, I'm a bit confused. It sounds like you were trying to get random people in the lobby to play..? Yeah, that's probably not going to work. If so, you might be misunderstanding the purpose of this place. It's designed as a playground for a group you already have. If you're looking to assemble a group of players, try posting in the forum. | reply

15. Feb 2016 02:26

I have consider me the impatient gamer? I created a dice room and forum in the tavern called OFDC and was hoping people would drop in. The way I see it, Rolz could be used as a combination of play by post and chat room, where different players log in and different times to post. Its an idea and a possibility, let us see what happens.

Feel free to delete the stuff I have posted if you think its not going to work, just trying to drum up some activity.

V | reply

10. Feb 2016 03:38

Anyway I can reset my password, I have forgotten it? Thank you | reply

06. Feb 2016 16:09

Hi, I plan on setting up an L5R game over Rolz, and I remember there was a function to roll X number of dices and keep Y out of those, for the Roll & Keep system. Is this command still functional, and if yes, what is it? I couldn't find it in the help sections. | reply

06. Feb 2016 16:11

And I just looked down and saw the question asked recently, sorry! No need for a reply. | reply

01. Feb 2016 03:34
Jeffrey Donohue

I would like to get behind your project and support you on patreon, but I have a few issues with how ROLZ works. First I want to bring up the issue of logging in. You change from forum page to cice room, and then back, you have to log in, again. There has to be a way to avod that. It is very annoying.

And the formatting is hell. In today's age of web and blog pages, a built-in text editor is pretty common, yet not here. I admit to not knowing how complex it would be to incorporate this here on your site, but it's being done by others, and the ease it provides is well worth it to your user base.

Lack of intuitiveness. For example, there is no indication that I needed to be registered in order to post in the forum. I still can find nothing stating that this is a requirement. It would have saved me several hours of frustration.

The process of rolling in the forum was also confusing, but I figured that one out faster than most other issues, still it is far from intuitive.

The concept of your site, combining the ousting power of a blog and a dive roller readily adaptable to different dice rolling requirements is laudable and appreciated in general, but in its present state, it is much more in the realm of work, rather than fun.

And I hope you can see my comments as constructive criticism, rather than destructive.

Thank you for your time. | reply

01. Feb 2016 03:50
Jeffrey Donohue

I apologize for the typos. My eyesight isn't what it used to be. and I can't edit my comments to clean it up. Be nice if I could (same thing for the dice room text). I'm an older handicapped adult, but the issues I've raised are shared by others in my groups who use this site, and they are not handicapped, or at my age. | reply

01. Feb 2016 09:35

I agree with some of your criticisms, not others. Especially the intuitiveness items are debatable. What irked me though was that you brought Patreon into to it. What you're saying essentially amounts to "we're using your site, but it literally has no value to us, so I refuse to donate unless you get your act together". Doesn't mean you're wrong per se - the Patreon campaign is pretty much a failure considering how many people use Rolz daily but refuse to support it. However, when and if I'm going to take up some of your points, it's not going to be because I expect you to change your mind about supporting the site. I decide on features because they seem right to me intrinsically, and considering my track record so far they'll probably not line up with your tastes. That's fine, people have different preferences. Most things on here are not primarily shaped by my incompetence, they're shaped by my own preferences. If they clash with yours in an extreme way, try out or better yet: start your own site. | reply

01. Feb 2016 09:36

I would also like to address the loggin-in issue you brought up: that sounds like a bug. I just need to log in once, and so should you. What's more, you can browse the forum right there on the chat page, you shouldn't need to switch around at all. | reply

01. Feb 2016 09:57

> Be nice if I could (same thing for the dice room text)

As with many things on here, that's not an oversight. Chat lines are immutable because people are relying on the fact that the chat is an exact record of what happened. If I changed that, it would make the site immediately unusable for a lot of people.

> I'm an older handicapped adult, but the issues I've raised are shared by others in my groups

I don't think it has anything to do with handicaps or age, it's more a matter of taste and what you're used to.

> For example, there is no indication that I needed to be registered in order to post in the forum.

I agree, there should be some text explaining that on the forum page. But to be fair, on the Dice Room login page there is this text, and it's only shown to users who are not logged in:

"Do I need to register?
You don't need to register an account in order to use the dice rooms. However, for advanced features like the forum, you do need to make an account with a password:
[Register a New Account]" | reply

05. Feb 2016 05:19
Jeffrey Donohue

As far as Patreon goes, you have a point. I meant to include the point that I live on a very small fixed income with very few discretionary dollars available. So any dollar or two (and honestly, that's all I could possibly afford to contribute. May not seem a lot, but it is to me.) I contribute will be something really special. I didn't mean to sound crass, or flippant, and I may have.

Also a point is the debatable nature of my listed items. It is after all just my opinion. Opinions are very subjective, and by there very nature open to alternative views.

And as I am getting used to your site, my issues, while not going away, are becoming more of an "Oh well" thing. And once again, I do appreciate your combining the chat and flexible dice rolling features into one site.

So yes, I DO see value here.

Again, thank you for your time. | reply

05. Feb 2016 05:22
Jeffrey Donohue

I admit, I never saw this disclaimer regarding a needed account. Nor when asked did any others in my group. If I/we had, that issue would not have been raised | reply

29. Jan 2016 02:22

Hey Udo! So glad to see this site growing strong after all this time! Im having a blast playing L5R on here and so happy to see codes that fit the weird dice system they use. I just wanted to ask; is there any way to add a code for rerolling 1's? We can't seem to find it anywhere. Right now the most complex command we can figure is (example: a 5k4 roll): #explode=10, 5d10H4

Anyway we can reroll ones in the same dice command above?

Thanks Udo, stay groovy! | reply

29. Jan 2016 02:41

Aha! Nevermind, we've done it with: #explode=10, reroll=1, rmax=1, 5d10H4

Thanks for the awesome roller site! | reply

01. Feb 2016 09:43

Thanks, and let me know when you need anything :) | reply