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^ what's the highest result you can get when rolling four d4?


18 h ago
Anonymous Coward

Bug with explosive dices

xxx rolls 10d10s4 = 8 ( (2 28 8 7 4 8 2 8 8 16 → 8 success(es) against 4) )

But it is 11 successes!
28 = 10 + 10 + 8 (3 successes non 1)
Same thing with 16 | reply

Aug 11th 02:31

for some reason when i type i start to stutter, for lack of a better word. i guess an equivalent would be like "lagging" but it's more of a slow stutter.
and it only happens when I type. | reply

Aug 09th 02:29

A lot of rooms was created aumaticaly in my acount and comands with [] dont work now. How to solve this? | reply

Aug 08th 08:17

Whatchamacallthems don't work for me any more. Inline dice rolls? The ones where you do [1d20], they just turn up as empty messages when I hit enter.

I guess I am also gonna use this time to test if forum post rolls work for me [roll 1d20] | reply

Aug 03rd 23:58
Sean Patrick Fannon

PS - Thanks for deleting certain conversations. I was in a very black head space when I started reading some of those truly horrific trolls, and I engaged with the intent to vent my spleen back at them.

In the end, it was stupid, as I should have just ignored them. They did make very tantalizing targets, though.

Regardless, not only do I respect your decision to delete said conversations, I am grateful for it.

And for this site. I am impressed it has a way to handle Prowlers & Paragons style dice rolls. | reply

Aug 03rd 11:16

Hi, first of all thanks for the effort in keeping Rolz going. The servers seem to be up again but I still cannot see my dice rooms, just some symbols - when I try to connect I get a host error on the Rolz side. Would be great if you can look into this. Thanks! | reply

Aug 03rd 13:04

MacCthulhu, I can't reproduce this... :/ are you able to connect to the Lobby for example? | reply

Aug 03rd 20:34

Yes once I log in I get to the Lobby. but then I can't go to the rooms. | reply

Aug 03rd 20:42

Hi Udo, it just worked for me now - thanks | reply

Aug 03rd 00:57

THanks Udo! Thank you SO much! GUnna be dnoanting soonish! One i figure out Funds! | reply

Aug 02nd 22:06

sorry about the outage, nobody told me and the monitoring program that was supposed to alert me didn't work | reply

Aug 02nd 23:11

Thanks Udo! Glad to see it back and running again! | reply

Aug 05th 00:35

Thanks Udo.... | reply

Aug 02nd 21:29

Things seem to be OK...for now... | reply

Aug 02nd 22:03
Justin Reilly

Let us hope it lasts | reply

Aug 02nd 20:35

No matter what 'Dice Room' I connect to, I get a connecting, but it never connects | reply

Aug 02nd 21:09

The servers are down. | reply

Aug 02nd 16:48

Is this site still supported? I know there are donations and such. But does the Owner still do maintenance and upkeep? There hasn't been a post from him in a very long time. I was getting ready to donate, use this place for a game. But now I am having second thoughts. | reply

Aug 02nd 21:58

I'm still there, just not every day. Unfortunately, the site went down when I was away. | reply

Aug 02nd 10:24

The server's down and my friends and I use it for D&D please get it back up asap! Thanks! | reply

Aug 02nd 06:12

There's currently an issue with the servers. Any updates or news on when this issue will be resolve? Thanks! | reply

Aug 02nd 01:06

It seems the servers are down. Does anyone know a reliable way to reach the owner/Operator to be able to fix it? | reply

Aug 02nd 22:07

You guys could have sent me an email ;) | reply

Aug 02nd 00:11

I love this site and it makes it so easy for me and my friends to play for RP sessions; however recently the site has been crashing and it's almost impossible to use it. If this were to be fixed I would say this site be 10/10 | reply

Aug 01st 20:26
Sean Patrick Fannon

Hey there, interested in incorporating your system for something huge I am launching in the near future, but there seems to be a problem with the Dice Rooms. Would appreciate any update you can give on when you plan to have that resolved, please.


Sean Patrick Fannon
Writer & Game Designer: Shaintar, Star Wars, Savage Rifts, much more | reply

Aug 01st 13:29
Justin Reilly

None of my Dice rooms are loading. | reply

Aug 01st 05:51

It has now been over 24 hours since the Chatrooms went down, it is now becoming more and more disconcerting, since we cant even get the chatlogs for future notes. | reply

Aug 01st 05:06

I tried making a new dice room and it didn't work. The message "Connecting ..." kept appearing repeatedly, and it seems that several people have had the same problem in the past few hours, even days. | reply

Aug 01st 02:13

the rolz dice room isnt loading it just keeps showing up as connecting over and over again | reply

Aug 01st 00:18

Performance has been lacking for two months and now the servers are down for a long time.

Our league has given decent donations and can't play.... | reply

Jul 31st 20:51

It has been 6 hours since my last post here, 18 hours since the chatrooms went down, For everyone who isnt sure, go to 'Dice Room' and look at 'Server Status and Info' it you wont be able to log-in and create new ones, since the servers for it are down. but its distressing, over 18 hours since its been down. | reply

Jul 31st 20:35

Was unable to connect to a dice room, Tried to make a new one and had the same result. | reply

Jul 31st 18:07

could not connect to a dice room don't know if its just on my side or if its site wide. | reply

Jul 31st 14:06

It has been roughly 11-12 hours since the chats went down, this is starting to become ridicules. It has never went down for that long before, perhaps lag, but the entire serverbase went down for the chats. Its bad since even if we want to recover the logs we cant. | reply

Jul 31st 13:28

i'm trying to enter in my dice room and it keeps loading | reply

Jul 31st 03:04

Wtf is up with the site as of late? It's been doing this more and more. | reply

Jul 31st 02:22

As of right now, the chatroom servers went down for some reason, i was hoping to play with my group as we do almost every weekday, but this sudden down of the servers worries me. Its been roughly 20 minutes since, and it hasnt gotten any better. | reply

Jul 26th 03:29

its to follow up on my comments earlier, the dice rooms again have turned into :-1 rooms on my list, and rooms refuse to load for some reason, is there something wrong with the server? Its been roughly 2 or so months since the update and things dont seem to be looking good, | reply

Jul 26th 01:36
Dice rooms

What's going on with all the dice rooms? | reply

Jul 21st 01:38

anytime a macro with brackets is used, the result is blanked out | reply

Jul 20th 04:09
bill brecht

Hi, for a couple of weeks now the dice rolls have been intermittently lagging for a while, and the whole left side log disappears/crashes multiple times during our two-hour sessions. Several minutes later it will reappear, only to crash again ten minutes or so later. This happened this evening, 7/20/17, between 9:30-11:30, as well as 7/17 and the previous weeks 7/13 and 7/10 (all between 9:30-11:30). I'm hoping this can be fixed, as the two different groups who I play with on Mon and Wed nights enjoy rolz but the situation is such that we may turn to another roller. | reply

Jul 16th 01:16

In my dice rooms, there are a bunch of rooms named :-] which I did not make. how do I go about removing them? | reply

Jul 13th 01:23

our whole roleplaying group has a problem with text not loading, refreshing sometimes solves it but it's still a pain. | reply

Jul 12th 22:28

Excuse me, my saved rooms have all become :-1 rooms, and although im able to access some of them via logging in manually, and it 'saves' it as a new one, it resets it to :-1 rooms, This is distressing since apparently its not the first time this has happened to people on this site, because what if you cant remember the password for said room anymore?

I hope that it gets fixed as soon as possible (Seeing as the last report of this incident was May, not too long ago. I hope that this gets fixed... | reply

Jul 11th 01:52
Anonymous Coward

I love how minimal rolz is, cause that keeps it fast, but being able to use nicknames in dice rooms even if they'd been registered would be nice. | reply

Jul 07th 18:05

Do the rooms save chat history? If so, for how long? | reply

Jun 16th 22:26

Love the site as my tabletop baseball league uses it.

We've noticed in the last few weeks we are seeing the timeout III while waiting for a result more often then we have in the past. We use to see it maybe three times in a hour and now it seems to be happening every ten rolls or so. I wasn't sure if there was performance issue or change. | reply

Jun 08th 07:49

in response to this "rolls 6D10L4 = 24 (low 4 of 9; 8; 8; 5; 8; 3 = 24)" roll, i believe its saying "lowest 4 of the following," it just so happens 9 is right next to 'of' so if you read it in a certain way...

(low 4 of 9; 8; 8; 5; 8; 3 = 24)

and some fixing of grammar.

(lowest 4 of, 9; 8; 8; 5; 8; 3 = 24)

it becomes much easier to read, it'll do that for all high/low rolls, as for your other inquiries i dunno | reply

Jun 08th 07:41

Someone keeps coming into the room,

Ive changed the password twice on my room, yet someone keeps coming in to harass and annoy, now i dont know if its the person im playing with trolling me, but still thats a bit disturbing | reply

Jun 06th 20:16
[bug] comands failing

sometims when you do a comand it dont do nothing and pop ups in the chat, if you do this with a /nick and it fail everbody will be able to see you password | reply

Jun 05th 18:58

Hey there,
I am the editor of a new newsletter/newspaper pointed towards dungeoneering and tabletop gaming, I would like to get an interview with you, Udo. I am doing a review for my first article on your webpage here. If you could please email me so I can speak with you, that would be excellent. thanks,

Alren, Editor of the Dungeoneer's Digest | reply

May 24th 11:22


I and my friend roleplay a lot on mobile, and it is incredibly inconvenient to write a pose only to lose it because you were timed out. (This happens at least when the phone screen goes dark.) This doesn't happen on desktop, obviously, so: Is there any way for us to prevent this from happening, and if not, might you fix it? | reply

May 23rd 15:56

My dice rooms are missing. They've been replaced with a :-] symbol that leads to blank pages. I use Rolz for my PbP's, and so I've got links in other forums that take me back to the rooms. But, once I'm there I still can't edit. | reply

May 24th 19:22

I have the same issue; actually, your rooms are actually labelled ":-1" and not ":-]", I hope this clarification helps with debugging. I was able to access my old rooms by typing<room name> (without "<" and ">"), they are on top of all the bugged rooms now and can be accessed. Hope it helps you or anyone having the same issue, for now. Be aware that some special characters are coded in html. | reply

May 22nd 05:09

site lacks means to reset password (forgotten mine and can't sign in) | reply

May 19th 20:48

I'm having weird results in the dice roller.

This example:
Lowest 4 of 6D10: #6D10L4

Renders this result:
rolls 6D10L4 = 24 (low 4 of 9; 8; 8; 5; 8; 3 = 24)

Notice that there is no reason there should be 5 rolls shown nor any reason for it to say Lowest 4 of 9. It should be the lowest 4 of 6 rolls...

2d20+5 renders this way:
rolls 2d20H+5 = 23 (high 1 of 18; 9 = 18 + 5)

And 5+2d20H1 renders this way:
rolls 5+2d20H1 = 17 (5 + high 1 of 12; 11 = 12)

I'm totally confused. Has this thing lost the ability to pick H and L rolls or at least how to interpret them? Is there some syntax I'm confusing? I've tried # and - as the command and I have tried different leading spaces and nothing has changed. | reply

Jun 08th 07:50

in response to this "rolls 6D10L4 = 24 (low 4 of 9; 8; 8; 5; 8; 3 = 24)" roll, i believe its saying "lowest 4 of the following," it just so happens 9 is right next to 'of' so if you read it in a certain way...

(low 4 of 9; 8; 8; 5; 8; 3 = 24)

and some fixing of grammar.

(lowest 4 of, 9; 8; 8; 5; 8; 3 = 24)

it becomes much easier to read, it'll do that for all high/low rolls, as for your other inquiries i dunn | reply

May 05th 14:52

Any chance you (or me?) could add these Tables-to-roll-on? | reply

May 05th 14:20

how can i create a NPC on this site? i know i have that option but i dont know how can i do it | reply

May 04th 01:39

I made an account recently and have forgotten my password since then. Theres no way to confirm accounts on this website so Im sort of left without many options to get my name back since it locks the name. Is there anything you can do to help me out? | reply

May 04th 01:40

the account was named the same as the one im using here. | reply

May 05th 00:31

Udooooo please help :< | reply

May 01st 18:51

i feel a little uncomfortable after making an account, there wasn't any way of having confirmation like an email or something. | reply

Apr 26th 00:49

My group hates the password feature of nicknames.

Half the names we were using have been locked down.

None of us pass worded the names, but we need passwords to use them.

This feature sucks | reply

Apr 26th 00:59

You're mad that Rolz has user accounts? | reply

Apr 20th 03:25

I've been getting this screen when going back to the dice room:

As far as I can tell, these rooms stall out rolz on my end and do absolutely nothing. I can still reach my normal dice rooms if I manually type the url in the search bar, but it's still kind of annoying and hopefully you can do something about this before it becomes a problem for other users. | reply

Apr 17th 18:53

It would be nice to be able to clear history out of a room as the owner.
I was using the room for character creation rolls, but would like to keep them secret between people untill the first session. Because they also talk about class/race/specialisation. | reply

May 10th 11:57

+1 for that! | reply

Apr 13th 15:21

Hey, I was screwing around with the dice roller on the homepage and found this...

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /srv/www/htdocs/ : eval()'d code on line 1

Happens when doing anything like 1==1. | reply

Apr 13th 15:24

You used unsupported syntax. I know, it's ugly. There's going to be a new parser eventually. For now you'll just have to enter correct codes ;) | reply

Apr 13th 17:17

I'm actually working on a parser for my Final Year Project at Uni, inspired by the one here; that's why I was testing it. I was trying to get insight on how you are doing it. :P | reply

Apr 13th 21:57

I love parsers/lexers! If you're interested in the rolz parser, I have pasted the relevant sections here:

It's basically tokenize() and then recursive descent, which creates an AST-like structure that then gets executed directly through an interpreter.

If you want to have a look at a good parser in C, I highly recommend checking out the Lua language source code (not LuaJIT, but the interpreted version), it's very clean.

If you want to write something elegant, also check out Top Down Operator Precedence - here's a talk by Crockford about it | reply

Apr 14th 12:40

Thank you so much. You really went above and beyond what I was expecting for a reply!! XD
You sir, will be credited in the documentation. Keep doing what your doing!!!

You are the coolest website owner I've ever dealt with!!! | reply

Apr 12th 10:14

Can enter or create no dice room. Bad gateway - no response from host | reply

Apr 12th 10:17

Can't reproduce this problem. | reply

Apr 03rd 11:19

Why cant people in my room see my dice throws? I tried with #d and [d] but with both commands only I can see the results. | reply

Apr 12th 10:18

People can absolutely see what you post. Maybe they're trolling you? | reply

Apr 03rd 04:53

The shortcuts I create do not save when I leave a dice room and join another room. Can you fix this please? | reply

Mar 21st 14:44

Is there a power-user command to do the following:

For Successes with additive re-roll... The problem is that say with a 6 Sided Die with additive re-rolls will make some target numbers identical i.e. TN 6 and 7. If you roll a six you are guaranteed to get at least a 7 on the re-roll. Is there a power-user command to subtract 1 from the result before the re-roll? So if I roll a 6, the system should calculate the re-roll as 5+1d6.. This way I could end up with a 6 final result if I roll a 1. In this way a target number of 7 is no longer guaranteed. If it adds twice (rolls 6 then rolls 6 again) it should calculate the third re-roll as 11 + 1d6 and so on. | reply

Mar 20th 03:09

When using the roller with the command below it seems to ignore the dice type and roll d10s instead:


I'm playing Traveller and need to roll 2d6, add them together and then add a modifier and compare the total to a difficulty number (usually 8) to determine success. It would be especially good if the command could give the "effect" of the roll as well (total rolled including modifiers minus 8)


Engineering (jump drives) 1
Education 1

A roll to fix the jump drive would be 2d6+2 with a target number of 8.

A character that rolls 4 and 3 therefore has a total of 9 which is a success with a +1 effect.

Is this possible? | reply

Mar 20th 03:15

The S code has d10 as its standard die. But 2D6S8 won't work for you either, since that would give you the number of successes against an 8. You can't express the Traveler rolls with Rolz dice codes right now. You can do 2d6+4 and manually check against the difficulty, but everything else would require a new code or scripting support (which I'm working on). | reply

Mar 20th 03:17

The following seems to work ok:


I just have to change the target number based on the modifiers ... not ideal but will do until you have new code in place :) | reply

Mar 20th 03:18

Isn't that more confusing than manually comparing against the target number? Well, whatever works for you I guess ;) | reply

Mar 20th 03:22

I thought it might be at first, but when you have to do 50 medic checks for low-berth passengers at every planet you jump to "#repeat 50 126:6S4" and then just count how many 0's there are to see how many didn't make it is much easier :) | reply

Mar 12th 20:14

After first page inserted into wiki it stops showing edit and new page buttons | reply

Mar 12th 20:17

sorry my bad. just need to be signed in. | reply

Mar 05th 16:44

It seems that rooms may be logging people changing their usernames when they use a password - you might want to check on that. | reply

Mar 05th 16:46

What do you mean "logging people", can you be more specific? | reply

Mar 05th 16:53

You put a space in front of the /nick command, causing Rolz to think it's a normal chat line. | reply

Mar 05th 03:20

Thanks Udo! | reply

Mar 05th 00:54

Hi Udo,

The rooms have become unstable, disconnecting users every few seconds. Please take a look at it when you have a chance! | reply

Mar 05th 00:50

Hiya there Udo.

Been trying to use the rooms tonight and all of a sudden they have started glitching, throwing everyone out and making it impossible to get back in. has the site crashed? | reply

Mar 05th 00:50

Room glitching out. Keeps loggin players out then back in constantly. | reply

Mar 05th 00:49

Room glitching out. Keeps loggin players out then back in constantly. | reply

Feb 28th 06:07


First I'd really like to say that this site is our group's go-to for dice rolling. It's simple, quick and easy, and keeps everyone accountable. You've done an amazing job with it and I hope that it continues to grow~

Second, I was curious (as I hadn't found an answer yet) if there was a way to delete rooms you don't use. I have three made but we only use one and it's bugging me ^u^;; If not, will there be in the future?

Thank you so much,

Kat | reply

Feb 28th 06:16

Since the room names are secret, there is currently no way to delete a room. However, I introduced the concept of room ownership a while back, so it's possible if people really want it. Maybe it's time ;) | reply

Feb 28th 08:12

Okay, not sure it's working right yet, but I made a new command to close rooms (see Dice Room help page for more info). | reply

Mar 04th 23:04

I tried it out, and yep, it does close the room, but it's still visible in my dice room list.

Thank you for adding that command in, though~ it's nice that you're so active in the making of the site. That's something I really do appreciate~ | reply

Feb 20th 17:21

Hi there,

I'm having a bit of a bother with whitelist. I used one to test it out and see how it worked, and it seemed to be working okay, but then I tried to turn it off since some of the people using the room couldn't get on. I figured it'd be an easy "/room whitelist=" and it showed up a line saying whitelist is off, but now the people just keep getting tossed to the lobby. I tried whitelisting (and turning it back on, of course) them using their registered nicks, but that just kept giving them an "You're not on the whitelist" result.

Seems there might be a bug of some sort? | reply

Feb 08th 04:43

Group plays in several separate rooms. One particular room has stopped recording the posts/rolls of all my accounts, but the other rooms work fine. | reply

Feb 08th 08:43

Adon_the_Witcher: It's probably flagged for some reason. If you send me the room name via email, I can look into it. | reply

Feb 07th 19:37

for some reason I can't sign in with my account | reply

Feb 07th 22:01

I figured it out I accidentally typed in toberryking999, is there a way i can change my profile name | reply

Feb 07th 18:53

how do i make my nickname "DM" | reply

Feb 07th 18:54

Since nicknames are global, that's probably already taken, sorry. | reply

Feb 07th 19:16

thank you | reply

Feb 04th 03:42

I created an account, then got logged out. Upon attempting to re-login, my password does not work. Is there any way I could get the account deleted (it was created approximately 10 minutes ago) so I can recreate it? | reply

Feb 04th 08:42

samitefan1: I removed your old account, the name should be available again. | reply

Feb 03rd 22:33

I understand that you needed to discontinue the legacy rooms, but is there anything when rolling dice in the new room that the base 1d20 or whatever you last typed will stay? It's really annoying when in the middle of combat and have to keep adding a hashtag and type it all out. My players keep messing up and as a GM when you are dealing with lots of monsters it's really annoying to not be able to just backspace and add something new. Maybe you can add settings? My default then could be selected on the rolling mode or something so it was like it was in legacy. | reply

Feb 04th 08:43

Lera: go to the "Tools" tab when inside your dice room. Check the option "clear input with # after die roll", that should emulate the old room's behavior. | reply

Feb 02nd 20:50

I absolutely love this site, its EXACTLY what ive been looking for for so long! I also love the medieval touch, adds more... feel.. anyway would really love if you could somehow make all this accessible through a mobile device for obvious reasons or maybe even a watered down version... i know so many people that would jump at it if and when that happens | reply

Feb 04th 08:47

Phemzy: well, the site should run okay on mobile, too, if it doesn't please let me know. If you're talking about an app that has offline rolling capabilities: that existed at one point, both for Android and iOS. However, it was expensive and tedious to maintain the app, especially since almost nobody bought it. I think it was like 20 sales total for 1.99 each over more than two years! App store membership alone costs me more than a hundred bucks per year ;)

So no, not going into that rathole again... | reply

Jan 31st 07:26

Hey, Udo, just curious - when exactly are the rooms going down, in say UTC time? | reply

Jan 31st 11:03

I was thinking about 12:00 UTC tomorrow. The rooms won't be down as such, but you won't be able to post to them anymore. There should also be a download link as of now, allowing you to export your stuff. If you need any help with the data, let me know.

I'll keep the room data available for a couple of months at least. | reply

Jan 31st 11:27

Noted, thank you very much! | reply

Jan 29th 16:36

So the rooms are gone? They aren't connecting at all. | reply

Jan 25th 17:58

Okay you said that the reason the rooms are gone is because of server crash, well i re-added my rooms and they have gone again for a second time.

Plus like Jazmine says I have some-one's notes which is very strange. | reply

Jan 25th 18:00

Yes, I just informed you that I cleared out all room associations made within the last few days.

What's that about someone saying you have someone else's notes? | reply

Jan 25th 08:04

I forgot my password for my account. How i can recovery it? | reply

Jan 25th 06:53
The Laughing Stranger

Hello! My group and I have been using this site for years. Thanks for hosting the legacy rooms as long as you have. I am trying to move things over to the current dice roll rooms, but I am having some difficulties. We use a d10 pool system and I would like to see the individual numbers rolled, but the 'auto expand results button' does not appear to be working. Toggling it does not result in any change to the displayed dice, before or after the button is used. Not sure if it is a bug or if I am missing something. | reply

Jan 25th 07:16

The Laughing Stranger: hey there, it was a bug, yes. It should be fixed now... | reply

Jan 25th 06:06

Hey, Udo. I used your legacy rooms a lot, for a long time. Firstly I would like to thank you for maintaining them for so long. You have been very good to a lot of the older users, especially my old group, and I would like you to understand just how appreciated that is.

That being said, I have to ask you to clarify something: when the legacy rooms go down, will the logs of said rooms still be accessible? Or will those also be going down?

Cheers | reply

Jan 25th 06:07

Alternatively just answer Firnagzen since we're asking the same question because we both want to know, lol, sorry for the doubelpost | reply

Jan 25th 07:16

Rook: thank you for understanding, it wasn't an easy decision, but I just don't have the resources to keep both the legacy and the "new" rooms updated. I'm going to make an export function that will allow you to archive your room log. | reply